The best luggage deals to shop on Amazon Prime Day 2024

Shop luxury luggage and chic suitcases without having to pay a high price tag

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If you haven't accounted for a new suitcase in your summer holiday budget, don't worry. We've found the best luggage deals across Samsonite, Antler, Away, and more. With these savings, you'll be able to travel in securely and in style this summer.

There's no denying that our suitcases take a battering. Whether they're being jammed shut, hauled into the boot, or thrown around in the hold of a plane, they'll need to be made of tough stuff to keep your clothes and accessories safe. The best suitcases will be able to withstand everything life throws at them for years upon years. They'll also need to be the perfect size for your essentials, easy to carry around, and stylish enough to show off. It's a tall order, but we know how to meet it.

Our experts have been looking for the best luggage deals on offer right now to see whether we can save you some money. There are plenty of discounts in the early Amazon Prime Day sales as well as up to 50% off at John Lewis, House of Fraser, and the luggage brands themselves. You can pick up a large hard-shell suitcase from Ted Baker for £110 less than the RRP or invest smaller soft Reiss holdall for nearly half the retail price — and that's just a snippet of what's on offer. 

While you're shopping, it's important to remember that each airline has its own requirements, but a good baseline is the easyJet cabin bag size. Before you pack up for your travels, make sure you know what you're allowed. You don't want to be stung by any airport charges.

Where to shop the best luggage deals

The best cabin and weekend bag deals

Whether it's a quick weekend trip or you're travelling light, it's useful to have one of these bags. They're space-efficient, stylish and come in all shapes and sizes. Some look like mini suitcases, whilst others follow a more casual duffle bag or handbag shape. If it's a soft material, it might be easier to shape so that it fits different size requirements, especially if you don't have any wheels to work with, but hardshell suitcases can be easier to carry around too.

Kirsty Glenn, Managing Director of Antler, recommends specifically opting for cabin luggage that can slot on top of your suitcase. She says, 'I always stack mine, so all of my cabin bags have a purposely designed strap, whether it's my backpack or overnight bag.' She also emphasised that your luggage is often a style-led choice. 'There's something quite satisfying about having a colour-coordinated stack,' she says 'you feel incredibly organised and the ease of travel is tenfold. You can then put your extra bits into this attached travel bag and avoid having the weight on your shoulder like a normal handbag.  I travel a lot, so this “smart system” has been pretty transformational.' 

Reiss Elliot Neoprene Holdall:was £158now £78 at Reiss (save £80)

Reiss Elliot Neoprene Holdall: was £158, now £78 at Reiss (save £80)

I've put this in my basket before it sells out and I recommend you do too. You'll buy this stylish bag for the holidays and then use it all year round. There's enough room for all your essentials and the adjustable handles make it comfortable to carry around with you.

Lossga Travel Backpack: was £25.99, now £20.39 at Amazon (save £5.60)

Lossga Travel Backpack: was £25.99, now £20.39 at Amazon (save £5.60)
Far from the biggest saving, however we've included this Lossga travel rucksack on our editor, Kerrie Hughes' recommendation: 'I bought this bag for a trip to Portugal last year - there's more than enough room for a short break, and it's the perfect cabin bag size for easyJet.'

COOLIFE Carry On Luggage:was £89.99now £71.99 at Amazon (save £18)

COOLIFE Carry On Luggage: was £89.99, now £71.99 at Amazon (save £18)

COOLIFE have taken co-ordinated carry-on luggage to the next level. The compact, yet spacious, suitcase comes with a matching travel bag and toiletry bag. You can carry them separately or pack them inside the suitcase. Plus, there's a special lock on the outside to keep all your essentials safe.

OTHER Miami Cabin Case:was £59.99now £39.99 at House of Fraser (save £20)

OTHER Miami Cabin Case: was £59.99, now £39.99 at House of Fraser (save £20)

If you want some colour in your suitcase collection, this cabin bag is perfect. It comes with a retractable push trolley mechanism, combination lock, and four spinning wheels. For £40, it's a great way to start your holiday.

Studio Cabin Suitcase:was £89.99now £44.99 at House of Fraser (save £40)

Studio Cabin Suitcase: was £89.99, now £44.99 at House of Fraser (save £40)

If you're looking for a suitcase that does business, leisure, and pleasure, the Studio is perfect. It's smart and slick without being too stuffy for a holiday.

American Tourister Linex Hard Case:was £160now £80 at House of Fraser (save £80)

American Tourister Linex Hard Case: was £160, now £80 at House of Fraser (save £80)

This is one of the best luggage deals I've seen so far. American Tourister are known for quality, luxury suitcases, so a 50% discount is one to snap up. It's also available in blue if you want more colourful luggage.

DKNY New Yorker 32: was £140, now £70 at House of Fraser (save £70)

DKNY New Yorker 32: was £140, now £70 at House of Fraser (save £70)

With sleek lines and a timeless black metallic hue, we predict the DKNY New Yorker 32 will be a suitcase that stands the test of time. It comes in two sizes, and the interior is well laid out for organised packing.

Best medium size luggage deals

If you've got space in the car or some luggage booked into the plane's hold, you can afford to upsize a little from skimpy cabin bags. Kirsty Glenn, Managing Director of Antler, says 'medium luggage can be enough for two weeks of travelling, especially if you’re a streamlined packer and you plan your outfits before you go.  But if you’re packing for a family or you tend to overpack, you'll need something a little bigger. Luckily, most brands do different sizes of the same style. For example, I recommend our  Icon Stripe Medium luggage for efficient packers and then our Icon Stripe Large Bag for bigger trips away.' 

Essentially, medium-sized suitcases are perfect for offering you a little more room to pack without becoming a lot to lug around the airport. Often these will be hardshell so that they keep some structure when you're moving around and about and they'll generally measure between 60x40x25 cm and 70x50x30 cm.

American Tourister Amerian Visby ABS Hardshell Suitcase: was £120now £60 at House of Fraser (save £60)

American Tourister Amerian Visby ABS Hardshell Suitcase: was £120, now £60 at House of Fraser (save £60)

Perfect for a range of holidays, this lockable hardshell suitcase comes with a spacious interior and four spinner wheels. It's chic convenience at its finest. You can pick it up in three different sizes too.

Radley Lexington Medium Suitcase:was £179now £90 at John Lewis (save £91)

Radley Lexington Medium Suitcase: was £179, now £90 at John Lewis (save £91)

Radley's pretty pink suitcase boasts form and function. The durable exterior, easy-glide wheels, and multi-height handle take any unnecessary stress out of your journey. Plus, the side has the iconic Radley logo.

Ted Baker Ariian Case:was £325now £162 at Ted Baker (save £162)

Ted Baker Ariian Case: was £325, now £162 at Ted Baker (save £162)

This case is nothing short of aspirational. The classic style is chic, smart, and perfect for taking on your travels. It comes with plenty of pockets, locks, and storage options for stress-free packing too.

Samsonite StackD Recycled Plastic Suitcase:was £229now £60 at Selfridges (save £169)

Samsonite StackD Recycled Plastic Suitcase: was £229, now £60 at Selfridges (save £169)

Samsonite makes famously durable suitcases, so when I saw this discount on their StackD suitcase, I couldn't believe our luck. It has a safe lock on the side and some useful pockets inside.

Best large luggage deals

I'm a helpless over-packer, so large suitcases are my most prized travel companion. Having a spacious suitcase takes all the stress, sweat, and sacrifice out of holiday prep, especially if you're away for more than a week. 

These will usually measure around 75x50x30 cm to 85x60x35 cm. Kirsty Glenn, Managing Director of Antler, recommends 'always thinking carefully about the wheels and handles on your suitcase. They're critical for comfort. Even if you pay extra for best-in-class wheels, it'll make such a difference. Similarly, a soft, cushioned handle will be transformational when you're wheeling your luggage through the streets or gliding through the airport.'

I'd generally recommend looking for large suitcases that have four wheels, maximal space, and minimal weight. This will make your suitcase much more easy to travel with: if it's too heavy to lift, you'll never use your case.

Antler Clifton Large Suitcase: was £240

Antler Clifton Large Suitcase: was £240, now £192 at Antler (save £48)

Antler have a sale across the site, offering 20% off any suitcases over £225. In this case (no pun intended), you can make a pretty good saving on a really classic style. It comes with lots of useful pockets and clothes straps too.

British Traveller Lightweight Suitcase:was £89.99now £64.98 at Amazon (save £25)

British Traveller Lightweight Suitcase: was £89.99, now £64.98 at Amazon (save £25)

If you don't like all the extra weight that comes with lots of large suitcases, you'll love this. It's durable and protects your luggage, whilst being light-as-a-feather.

American Tourister Bon Air Spinner Suitcase: was£179.99,now£60 at Amazon

American Tourister Bon Air Spinner Suitcase: was £179.99, now £60 at Amazon
If you want a large suitcase to take on your travels, this option from American Tourister is a reliable option. It's got 360° Spinner wheels and weighs only 4.1kg.

American Tourister Aerostep Expandable Suitcase:was £185now £129.50 at John Lewis (save £55.50)

American Tourister Aerostep Expandable Suitcase: was £185, now £129.50 at John Lewis (save £55.50)

There's no danger of losing this in the airport. It's available in bright orange, light green, turqoise, pink, and black. It's smart, expandable, and selling quickly. The colourway 'soho' has sold out in the time we've been writing this article.

Ted Baker Large Spinner:was £219 now £109.50 at Case (save £110)

Ted Baker Large Spinner: was £219, now £109.50 at Case (save £110)

I can't believe that there's a £110 discount on this suitcase. I bought it at full price and thought it was excellent value, so if there's one suitcase you buy today, it should be this. It's modern, minimalistic, and will stand the test of time (plus, we'll be suitcase buddies).

Ted Baker Citrus Bloom Spinner: was £199now £99.50 at Case (save £100)

Ted Baker Citrus Bloom Spinner: was £199, now £99.50 at Case (save £100)

This stand-out style is truly stunning. The hard case, smart lock, and spacious interiors make travelling easy and with £100 off the price, it's a total steal.

Best luggage set deals

Whether you're shopping for the family or you want complete coordination with all your luggage, buying a full suitcase set will do the trick. It's often a more cost-efficient way of shopping too.

Biba Voyage Hard Suitcase:was £124.99now £85 at House of Fraser (save £40)

Biba Voyage Hard Suitcase: was £124.99, now £85 at House of Fraser (save £40)

Each suitcase in the Biba set is sold separately, so if you like the modern, luxurious aesthetic, you can invest in one on your own. Each sophisticated model comes with two internal compartments as well as zip pockets too.

Elevate 3-piece Hard Case Set:was £189.99now £59.99 at House of Fraser (save £130)

Elevate 3-piece Hard Case Set: was £189.99, now £59.99 at House of Fraser (save £130)

This smart, hardshell set of three covers a range of travel needs. The small case should fit cabin bag dimensions for most airlines, whilst the large case can easily cover your packing for two weeks away.

Rock Luggage Mallorca 4-piece Luggage Set:was £199.99,now £139.99 at House of Fraser (save £60)

Rock Luggage Mallorca 4-piece Luggage Set: was £199.99, now £139.99 at House of Fraser (save £60)

A matching set of four is co-ordination heaven, but this luggage isn't just a pretty face. The front pockets are designed for last-minute extras, whilst the fully-lined interiors offer mesh pockets and packing straps to maximise on space and storage.

Antler Logo Set in Pine:was £570now £399 at Antler (save £171)

Antler Logo Set in Pine: was £570, now £399 at Antler (save £171)

There's no denying that even with 30% off this is an expensive set, but I'd consider it a wise investment. Antler suitcases are the epitome of both luxury and durability. The set is totally timeless.

Matalan IT Luggage Quilted Suitcase:was £52now £41.60 at Matalan 

Matalan IT Luggage Quilted Suitcase: was £52, now £41.60 at Matalan 

You have to buy each suitcase in this set separately, but it does make the IT trio a customizable, affordable option. It's perfect for last-minute panics and is available in multiple colourways too.

Best luggage accessory deals

Whilst I was looking through the best luggage deals on offer, I couldn't help but notice that lots of packing accessories are reduced too. Luggage straps, tags, packing blocks, and passport covers are the unsung heroes of packing. Having some organisational can help you to feel more put-together when you're travelling. Plus, packing blocks can almost double the capacity of your suitcase.

Packing Cubes:was £25.99 now £12.99 at Amazon (save £13)

Packing Cubes: was £25.99, now £12.99 at Amazon (save £13)

If you've done any research into how to pack efficiently, you'll have seen experts praising packing cubes. This set of nine covers a range of different sizes, plus they're waterproof to protect against any spills.

Set of Four Suitcase Straps:was £12.97now £11.97 at Amazon (save £1)

Set of Four Suitcase Straps: was £12.97, now £11.97 at Amazon (save £1)

There's not a huge discount on this pack of four, but the price point is great anyway. You can choose the colours you want and then insert your personal details into the label section. If you have a relatively generic-looking suitcase, these'll help you to spot yours.

Two Luggage Tags:was £5.99now £4.99 at Amazon (save £1)

Two Luggage Tags: was £5.99, now £4.99 at Amazon (save £1)

Luggage tags are useful for quickly identifying which case is yours when you're travelling with lots of people. This set of two is crafted from soft high-quality PU leather, which is available in black or tan.

FREETOO Luggage Scale:was £19.99now £13.99 at Amazon (save £6)

FREETOO Luggage Scale: was £19.99, now £13.99 at Amazon (save £6)

If you worry about the weight of your luggage, this compact, portable scale will be the reassurance you need. It can measure up to 50 kg and is available in different colours.

What size suitcase do I need?

The suitcase size depends on how long you will be travelling and if you want to check in your luggage or store it overhead. For a quick weekend getaway, a nice cabin-size suitcase that's large enough to hold three to four outfits and personal items is the perfect size, which equates to about 30-40 litres of packing space. We recommend a medium to large size suitcase if you plan on travelling for a week or longer - something with a packing capacity of roughly 100 litres or more. 

Here's a table with some rough capacity, measurements, and weights for each type of luggage:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Header Cell - Column 0 Good forDimensions (cm)Capacity (litres)
Hand luggageDay trips, your travel essentials40 x 20 x 2520-25
Cabin bagWeekend breaks and light-packers55 x 40 x 2030-40
Medium suitcaseA week away, or people who like to have options65 x 45 x 2560-80
Large suitcaseLong trips, family holidays75 x 50 x 3090-120

When is the best time to buy new luggage

The best time to buy new luggage is during a major holiday sale, such as Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day. The closest sale event is Amazon Prime Day, which is falling on 16th and 17th July. It's promising to offer some of the best luggage deals of the year, because we're in the middle of the summer season and companies will be wanting to shift stock before the summer holidays stop. Last year, we saw some very impressive deals with discounts of up to 69% on popular brands.  So expect something similar this year.

What luggage brands go on sale?

During Amazon Prime Day and the Black Friday weekend we saw luggage brands Away, Antler, Herschel, and TRIPP suitcases in the sale. And even if certain brands aren't available on Amazon or holding a sale, you can find luggage deals at stockists such as John Lewis, House of Fraiser, Very, and Debenhams.

Which brand is best for luggage?

When we tested the best suitcases, the top-rated brands were Samsonite, Bric's, Hershal, Tripp, Antler and Away. 

The right suitcase brand for you will depend on your personal preferences and budget, too – some luggage options can be incredibly expensive, meaning the premium brands won't be right for everyone. However, opting for a brand that's known for its durability, as well as one that offers long-term guarantees, is always a good option.

Our Head of E-commerce Millie Fender has tested and loved her Antler suitcase for two years now. She says, "The Antler suitcase has made travelling so much easier. Paired with my Chelsea Weekender Bag, which slots onto the handle for an all-in-one airport experience, I love its sunny yellow shade (the brand does lots of fab colours) and its secure yet lightweight frame. As a brand, I could not recommend Antler Luggage more." 

Millie Fender Author Image
Millie Fender

Having joined us from a role as Head of Reviews across a number of Future's homes and lifestyle brands, Millie has reviewed countless products from suitcases to coffee machines, and has no problem putting products through their paces both in our testing facility and her day-to-day life. 

How do you know if you’re getting a genuinely good deal?

The most well-known brands can get away with charging that little bit extra due to the knowledge customers have of the brand and the products offered. Certain brands, such as American Tourister or It Luggage, won't often offer huge savings on suitcases and other luggage, meaning that if you spot a deal from these brands for anything over 40%, you might want to consider investing.

Always check the actual RRP of an item on the stockist you're looking at, and cross-reference via other stockists, to ensure that the RRP on the page hasn't been bumped up to make the current price look even more appealing. Additionally, make sure that the luggage in the deal is actually from a disputable brand, and that you're spending your money on an item which will last you for a long time. 

What’s the most important thing to look for when buying luggage?

We asked our contributor and former deputy digital editor, Anna Paul, for her advice on buying new luggage. "As someone who's lived in four different countries and jumps on a flight or train at any given opportunity, I've learnt a lot about choosing the right (and wrong) luggage", Anna says. "For me, the most important thing is to pick the best luggage option for your trip. Heading on a long weekend? I'd opt for a small soft-shell cabin case and a rucksack that you can scrunch up. If you're working with restrictive baggage rules and want to carry your bags on the aircraft, soft bags are my personal favourite as they're generally a bit less scrupulous with anything that's not on wheels and you can move it around to fit your needs."

She adds: "I'm a streamlined traveller so regardless of the trip, I look for baggage with compartments and I always use packing cubes. If I'm travelling long-haul, I normally opt for a hard case, but getting a good quality one is key: I'd personally never take the risk with a cheap hard case as I've learnt the hard way that they can easily crack. I personally see locks as a bonus rather than an essential but using a TSA-approved lock undoubtedly gives you peace of mind that your items are safe. I don't think you need to spend big to get good-quality luggage but I'd never scrimp - it's a false economy if you do and you run the risk of damaging (or losing) your valuables."

Anna Paul
Anna Paul

Anna is a contributor and the former deputy digital editor at woman&home, a role that's led her to work on hundreds of features, reviews and buying guides. When she's not editing and optimising brilliant stories behind the scenes, Anna is normally on the move. Having lived in four different countries and jetting off to more whenever she can, she's well-placed to advise on the latest travel trends, how to score the best deals - and the must-have products to travel with. 

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Kenedee Fowler is a shopping writer based in the United States. She joined woman&home in September 2022, and ever since has been sharing her expertise with the brand to help readers source gifts for any occasion and on any budget, reviews products so you don’t have to, and scout out the best deals and products to give you the best value for your money. Before joining woman&home, Kenedee was a home editorial fellow for Insider Reviews, where she wrote in-depth reviews and articles across the home vertical. Kenedee is a recent graduate from the number one journalism school in the US, the University of Missouri - Columbia, where she gained hands-on experience as a multimedia journalist at mid-Missouri’s local news station.

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