Solar eclipse April 2023: What solar eclipse in Aries means for your Zodiac sign – especially if you’re Leo or Taurus

The solar eclipse April 2023 will give you a boost in achieving your goals, but with this cosmic shake-up you’ll need to rest afterward

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The solar eclipse April 2023 in Aries adds some explosive flavor to this month's astrology. Solar eclipses arrive about twice a year and are extreme New Moons. Lunar eclipses are as frequent and are extreme Full Moons. They bring up previously hidden information which allows events to progress faster, and they invite big life changes.

The New Moon April 2023 coincides with the solar eclipse April 2023. Add to that Mercury retrograde April 2023 and you may be left wondering - how many cosmic events can happen during Taurus season 2023?!

With the massive astrological shifts of March behind us, and now in April we have this hybrid eclipse, comprising both annular and total eclipse, and the following day sees the start of the Mercury retrograde in Taurus.

If you're aware of the cosmic effects of eclipses in astrology, you may be prepping for a lot of stuff to happen. Last year’s eclipses were all in Scorpio and Taurus. This means that, individually for each person, the chart placements that include those signs would have gone through some profound transformations.

This month’s eclipse is in Aries, so the effects will center around themes of determination, confidence, and community building.

What are solar and lunar eclipses?

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An eclipse happens when a planet passes through the shadow of another planet, partially or fully obscuring it from sight.

A solar eclipse occurs as the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. When the Moon blocks just part of the Sun from view, this is called a partial eclipse. When it blocks the entirety of the Sun, it is called a total eclipse and then parts of Earth are plunged into darkness, as all sunlight is obscured.

An annular solar eclipse is a ‘ring of fire’ eclipse, when the Moon is directly in the center of the Sun, but doesn’t obscure all of it from view. And hybrid solar eclipses appear like different types from different places on Earth.

Lunar eclipses happen when the moon is ‘hidden’ in the Earth’s shadow. They happen during the Full Moon, when the Earth happens to be between the Moon and the Sun exactly.

When is the April Solar Eclipse 2023?

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The first solar eclipse in Aries is on April 20, 2023 - an important date in your astrology 2023 calendar. This eclipse doesn’t arrive on its own – it comes into our lives just a day before the Mercury retrograde in Taurus.

The eclipse happens when the sun and the moon are in Aries and the time of the eclipse is also the time of the New Moon in Aries. Shortly after, the Moon moves into Taurus. Not long after that, the Sun follows it into Taurus.

The following day, Mercury goes retrograde, also in Taurus. If you’re a Taurus and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the attention, that’s fair.

What are the effects of the solar eclipse April 2023?

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The effects of the eclipse itself are new beginnings, positive or negative. New challenges such as unexpected changes to a payment plan or your gym closing down, and new phases in life like finding out about a surprise pregnancy or being given much more responsibility at work.

The epic pile-up of changes in the Sun, the Moon, and Mercury, however, can add extra flavors and angles to those surprises, and make it seem as if this has been the eclipse to end all eclipses, especially for Taurus, the sign where all the action takes place.

Try not to panic – Taurus is a stable sign Earth sign that loves peace and calm. This will balance the storm and allow you to cope well with the changes, and you’ll come up with useful ideas to navigate the aftermath of this very confusing eclipse.

If you're seeking out a little extra guidance, why not check out our April 2023 tarotscope and see what the cards have to say?

Solar eclipse April 2023 horoscope

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Read on to discover how the solar eclipse April 2023 will affect you, depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun sign moon sign, or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.


This is the first of three Aries solar eclipses, another one arrives in 11.5 months and then the final one is 11.5 months later. Each one brings a fresh start, and Aries, you’re a big fan of new beginnings. Expect the unexpected. Offers to join a new book club and start a new career path will come to you, and the answer is yes, you should grab those opportunities.


The solar eclipse April 2023 may be in Aries, but it wastes no time in throwing you into the spotlight. Hours after the eclipse, the Sun and the Moon both enter your sign, and you feel the call of the wild. Those Aries energies push you towards a new sport, a new circle of friends, and even some travel to fresh destinations.


During the solar eclipse April 2023, it just so happens that Venus, the planet of love is in Gemini, so you’re feeling emotionally and romantically connected to someone, but the struggle to commit is strong for a Gemini. The power of the eclipse can push you a few steps forward, and get you down on bended knee a lot faster than you imagined possible.


Your ruler is the Moon, which is an important player during the eclipse. Since this eclipse is in Aries, it tells you to look at your vitality and your fitness – are you doing things slower than they need to be? Is it time to pick up the pace? Putting a fresh spring in your step is this fiery ring in the sky.


The Sun is your ruler, and so when it goes through bombastic events such as an eclipse, you can feel it stronger than most. Prepare to open your mind to new beginnings. The eclipse is in Aries which is a sign that thrives on change, and you will have offers of new avenues for you to take. Those fresh directions come around work and also your hobbies.


As the solar eclipse April 2023 draws near, you have bigger fish to fry. Your ruling planet, chatty Mercury is going retrograde in Taurus the following day which means your creature comforts, food, and sleep may be interrupted. An eclipse may make things more dramatic, so you may lose your sense of taste, or find a damp spot in your bed.


At the time of the solar eclipse April 2023, which uncovers previously unknown opportunities and fresh starts, you’re already grappling with indecision. Your ruling planet Venus is in duplicitous Gemini, which leaves you confused. Be upfront with yourself and just make the choice that sounds like fun, not the one that suits anyone else, not the one that makes you look good, just the one that you’ll enjoy.


Your focus has been on others and not on yourself since your ruling planet Pluto moved into selfless Aquarius in March. Your traditional ruling planet, fiery Mars is in Cancer which is similarly selfless. The solar eclipse April 2023 could find you in a position of power, where you’re asked to do a good deed for a marginalized person or community – and you’ll be able to do it. Help someone on a grand scale.


At the time of the solar eclipse April 2023, your ruling planet, generous Jupiter is also in Aries, just like the Sun. This means that this fiery eclipse will interfere with your decision-making processes – ideas of expansion and financial investments will arise, and you’ll be tempted to gamble the lot, or invest in risky ideas. Perhaps impulsive moves are best left for the middle of May, when Jupiter has moved to risk-averse Taurus.


It’s often all about the business for you – working hard and progressing in your career. Of late, you’ve been wanting more emotional balance in your life, more love. Your ruling planet, serious Saturn is in romantic Pisces, and it heightens your romantic side. The solar eclipse April 2023 will quantum-leap your love life so that you’re able to express love and receive love much more than usual.


The next twenty years are a lot more Aquarian than the previous two hundred, with Pluto moving into your sign last month. Themes of social justice, truth, and creativity are on everybody’s mind, not just yours. The eclipse will move things forward – political unrest and truths coming to light – which you’ll personally love.


Pisceans are having a complicated relationship with reality at the moment, as Neptune, planet of illusion, is in your sign for over a decade now, and Saturn, planet of karma having entered your sign for the next two years. So you’re a little confused. An eclipse will bring some facts to light – grasp them and hold them to your chest because truth and facts bring balance.

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