The New Moon October 2022 coincides with solar eclipse and not to be dramatic - but it’s destined to transform your entire life

The New Moon October 2022 features a solar eclipse. This is a fated, life-changing time of doors opening and closing - so get ready!

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The New Moon October 2022 isn't your average Moon. Nope, it's a Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse of 2022 and it’s a game changer. Anytime the Moon is in Scorpio, we can expect intense emotions to bubble up to the surface. When it’s an eclipse, however, that tension takes on a larger-than-life magnitude. Expect that whatever emotions get stirred up during this time will be potent – and necessary for processing to ready ourselves for this next stage. 

With this Scorpio Solar Eclipse taking place on October 25, 2022, at 6:48 AM EST, the key phrase to keep in mind is this - radical change. During eclipses, anything that can happen, will happen. During this date in the Moon calendar 2022, the stars are in perfect alignment – literally – to allow fate to take control. Eclipses in astrology are pivotal and their effects can be permanent. They have a way of closing a chapter and pushing us forward in a new direction. It’s a time when we’re steered in new directions and pushed to make fated choices, whether we think we’re ready to or not. 

Pay close attention to any conversation, meetings, or events that take place during an eclipse – even ones that seem minor. We may not realize their significance until we look back on them later. All zodiac signs should be prepared for shocks or disruptions, especially in romantic relationships or established partnerships. New, fateful relationships can potentially enter our lives very suddenly, disrupting our equilibrium – proverbially knocking us off our socks, in a good or electrifying way. Alternatively, relationships, which we’ve already learned our necessary lessons from, could now be released from our lives. 

Remember that no matter what happens, endings are just new beginnings and as Scorpio season 2022 brings many transformations - that you cannot miss what was meant for you. If a relationship or job ends, the stars are clearing the way to align you closer to your destined path, even if it’s uncomfortable at first. Trust that everything that is happening is for your higher good.

Here's how the New Moon Solar Eclipse of October 2022 will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

How the New Moon October 2022 will affect your star sign

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Loans, contracts, joint finances, money owed by you, and money owed to you – this is your area of intense focus during this Solar Eclipse in your eighth house, Aries. If you’ve been wanting to start a joint business venture or praying for a miraculous windfall, this eclipse energy could make that manifest for you, with a profitable proposal or auspicious offer arriving seemingly out of nowhere. Conversely, this could be a time when an unexpected expense or past-due payment rears up and demands immediate attention. Be prepared for the opportunity to either pay what is owed or get paid what is owed to you as the stars magically align to give you a chance to start with a clean slate on your next big plan. 


You’re embarking on a whole new chapter in your love life, Taurus, with this Solar Eclipse in your seventh house. Dramatic and transformative changes have taken place for you both internally and externally. You may not recognize the person you were a year ago versus the person you are now – the same goes for your partner. Whether you’re currently single or partnered up, this series of eclipses has been about aligning you towards relationships – or relationship patterns – that serve your highest and best. As you shed what no longer is working, your cosmic reminder is to allow yourself and others to change at your own pace – and practice acceptance of what you will and will not carry forward.


Dynamic shifts are underway for you, Gemini, with this Solar Eclipse in your sixth house. You may suddenly decide you need to do a closet purge and otherwise clear out any clutter that is physically or even psychically taking up too much space. Lean into this urge, as the stars are aligning you to be unencumbered as you embark on a new path. This could mean being prompted – hopefully not pushed – to make lifestyle changes that could include diet or exercise changes or lightening your schedule to make more room for activities that serve your higher purpose. It’s Scorpio season so don’t be scared to shed a few skeletons from the proverbial closet to make room for new blessings and opportunities. 


This Solar Eclipse is not here to ruin your fun, Cancer, but it is here to ask you to reconcile your relationship to joy. Do you feel any sense of shame or guilt associated with how you unwind? Are your guilty pleasures that guilty? Or is there a fair conversation you can have with yourself or a trusted person about so-called vices or escapist tendencies you do want to let go of? This energy is asking you to be honest about what you like – and what you don’t. Channel any inner pain or discomfort into a creative pursuit that brings you real joy and that you want to invite others to share with you, not shy away from.


You’re embarking on a journey of deep emotional healing. As someone who lives their life in the spotlight, you guard your private life ferociously. Your defenses can be so high that you may even shield yourself from accepting or even seeing the truth of your foundations, your family systems, and the role you play within them. But now, with this Solar Eclipse in your fourth house, you’re ready to face any fears you have of peering into your past – it’s now the time for you to heal ancestral wounds and break those generational curses. The changes you make now are about personal growth – and soul growth, too. Trust the process – and yourself to handle it.


Whether it’s the written word, spoken word, or unspoken communication like body language, psychic downloads, and subliminal messages – words have power. And right now, none more than yours. This Solar Eclipse in your third house is activating your inner witch. Your ability to manifest is at an all-time high and your job is to trust that you can make real your deepest desires. Words are spells. Make them useful, powerful, and positive ones. This is a time to quiet your inner critic and believe in – and realize – your own power. Pay attention to any dreams you have or messages you receive during this time. Be extra careful with your word – it will be your bond.

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When it comes to money matters, expect dramatic changes in your finances, Libra. While this certainly could be sudden windfalls or unexpected expenses that pop up seemingly out of nowhere, the real power of this Solar Eclipse in your second house is about changing your relationship with the concept of money. Remember that Scorpio is a sign of power and transformation – but discussing money might get you uncomfortable or tight-lipped. Now you’re shifting to a new phase – one where you can advocate for yourself and what you’re owed and what you deserve. This is about stepping into your own power – so prepare for a pivotal conversation where you feel empowered to do so.


If any sign is embodying the radical change energy of this Solar Eclipse, it’s you, Scorpio. Taking place in your first house, you’re in a pivotal transition moment. The thing with change is, you may not always realize how transformational it is until you look back on it later. If you’re feeling the urge to switch careers, change your look, move locations, begin or end a relationship, or any other inclination, the stars are giving you permission to let go of the script you thought you were writing, and be open to a genre change. The changes you’re seeking are already manifesting inside of you – where true transformation really begins. Go with it.


The breakthrough you’ve been waiting for is here, Sagittarius. With this Solar Eclipse in your twelfth house, there is certainly the possibility of a pivotal external event occurring, but it is far more likely the dynamic shifts you’ll experience will be internal. You’re being asked to take account of your own thoughts, behaviors, and patterns and honestly review if they are serving you. Self-reflection will be key – and it’s never easy. Let go of your instant defenses and allow yourself to process what comes up for you without any judgment. Just because you think it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Just because someone else says it also doesn’t make it fact. But it’s still your job to figure out what is true.


There’s nothing more refreshing than friendship and luckily for you, this Solar Eclipse in your eleventh house is offering up a chance for a fresh start. That’s the good news – but first, you may have to decide which isn’t working. Whether it’s a long-standing friendship, a network of colleagues, or other groups you’re part of, power plays are often a key part of how you all relate to each other. But what is also important is mutual respect and trust. Listen to your instincts. If something feels off or you’ve decided you no longer want to participate in a certain relationship, release it with kindness and compassion. Gossip will have a way of swirling right now and your job is to keep your integrity and remain about the fray.


With a Solar Eclipse in your tenth house of career, you’re being given an opportunity to radically rethink your life path – yes, it’s that big! Right now, dramatic shifts and changes could be taking place behind the scenes in your office or place of employment. While the effects of these changes may not be revealed to you until a later date, you can use this time to think about your relationship with authority. If there have been underlying tensions bubbling with a boss or someone higher ranked, changes are afoot – ones where the stars are encouraging you to find your voice and take up equal space. Scorpio is about power – and you certainly have it. Now it may be time to use it.


Your attention is shifting to far-off places and toward new horizons, Pisces. With this Solar Eclipse in your ninth house, it’s time to adjust your mindset and welcome new perspectives. That is if you’re willing and able to let go of what you think you already know. You may soon be put to the test – possibly even literally. While you could be undertaking a certification course or embarking on a new field of study, you could just as easily be tested in what seems to be a casual conversation. Is it that important that you’re “right”? New information is swirling all around you. Be open to the new. Things change – including your own opinion – and that’s what makes life interesting.

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