Married at First Sight Australia Season 9—who's in it, when does it start, and how to watch from anywhere in the world

Married at First Sight Australia Season 9 is almost upon us

Married at First Sight Australia Season 9—how to watch in UK
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Married at First Sight Australia fans, get ready—the addictive reality TV show is finally back.

The hugely popular Channel 9 series officially returns next week after a nearly-year-long hiatus, and by the looks of its preview, Season 9 isn't about to disappoint.

Married at First Sight Australia Season 8 was undeniably reality TV gold, bringing us much-needed pandemic escapism with 32 episodes of unmissable romantic drama. 

The series kept viewers glued to their screens with its signature format of couples blindly marrying each other after being matched by relationship experts—all in the name of a televised social experiment. If you've already exhausted all the previous seasons (haven't we all?) don't worry, brand new Married at First Sight material is almost here.

How to watch Married at First Sight Australia Season 9 in the UK

Married at First Sight season 9 is available to watch online at the streaming service for Channel 9, the Australian broadcaster that makes the hit show.

Unfortunately, Channel 9 Now can only be viewed by those living in Australia. Don't worry though, there are still ways to enjoy the hit series if you're not lucky enough to be Down Under. VPN (virtual private networks) are a popular way to access TV shows only available in other countries, and many are easy to get.

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When does Married at First Sight Australia Season 9 start?

Married at First Sight Australia kicks off on Channel 9 Now on January 31, 2021.

The ninth season of the popular reality show will introduce viewers to a fresh batch of brides and grooms who—you guessed it - will tie the knot as complete strangers. Sixteen brave singletons have signed up for the social experiment of being paired in 'married couples' and forced to live together for a trial period, before deciding whether or not they want to commit to a long-term relationship.

Before you faint at the thought of saying 'I do' to a total randomer, it's worth remembering that the show isn't entirely real. The wedding ceremony isn't legally binding, meaning contestants have the ability to separate after the trial phase if they're not happy.

Who's in Married at First Sight Australia Season 9?

If there's one thing Married at First Sight has gotten right in previous seasons, it's serving up an absolute feast of iconic personalities.

Next Monday's premiere episode will see sixteen fresh contestants exchange those sacred vows in a romantic ceremony attended by their friends and families—oh, and a reality TV crew and millions of viewers.

Here's a little more info on the eight brides and eight grooms you can expect to meet during this year's highly-anticipated season.

The Brides

Married at First Sight Australia has always delivered when it comes to casting entertaining brides, and it looks like Season 9 is gearing up to be no exception. We've jotted up this quick rundown of the courageous women set to appear on this year's series, so you'll already have a bit of background knowledge tuning in.

  • Domenica, 28, is a passionate Italian and makeup artist who's hoping to find the perfect man with whom to start a family. She's been married once before, so she's already got some experience heading down the aisle.
  • Ella, 27, is a beautician from Victoria who's been officially single now for nine years. She's had her fair share of flaky romances, and is now on the hunt for someone ready to commit.
  • Holly, 36, is a cinema manager from New South Wales. Simply put, she's done with the dating game and is now determined to find the perfect father for her future kids.
  • Olivia, 27, is a teaching student who has struggled with body image for most of her life. She lost 50kg after undergoing a gastric sleeve operation five years ago, and is now ready to make the most of her newfound confidence.
  • Samantha, 26, is a fashion brand manager from Victoria. She's admittedly still recovering from her ex boyfriend's infidelity, and is hoping to find someone she can finally trust.
  • Selin, 32, is an executive assistant and single mum from New South Wales. Hailing from a 'loud' Turkish family, she hopes to be matched with a man who can be a positive influence on her three-year-old son's life.
  • Selina, 32, is a hairdresser from South Australia. She has called herself 'the black sheep' of Chinese-Cambodian family, who disapprove of her decision to pursue a career in beauty rather than law or medicine. She dreams of marrying someone who will see her for the intelligent woman she is, rather than as a 'novelty' fling.
  • Tamara, 29, is an operation manager from Queensland. Financially independent and strongly ambitious, she's looking for a man who shares her unapologetic drive for success.

The Grooms

Married at First Sight Australia's dapper grooms have always been a big part of the show, and it looks like that's not about to change. So without further ado, let us introduce you to this year's eight lucky men.

  • Al, 25, is a carpenter from New South Wales. Still living at home with his mother, he has yet to have a proper relationship. Despite receiving plenty of attention from the opposite gender, he's admittedly quite insecure and fears rejection in the dating world.
  • Andrew, 39, is is a motivational speaker and personal trainer from Texas. He's already had two failed marriages and is hoping for a third time lucky.
  • Anthony, 38, is a pro wrestler from Victoria. For the blind marriage to work out, it's an absolute must that his wife accepts his nine-year-old daughter.
  • Brent, 33, is a hospitality manager from New South Wales. He was forced to return to Australia from Dubai after the pandemic hit and his career took a blow, and is now desperately trying to rebuild his life back home.
  • Cody, 30, is a swim coach and a personal trainer from New South Wales. He's easy-going and a massive fan of traveling, especially if the destination includes a sandy beach with surfer waves.
  • Jack, 26, is a financial planner from New South Wales. He loves music and adventures, and after failing to find success on dating apps, he's hoping Married at First Sight will finally introduce him to that special someone.
  • Jackson, 30, is a plumber from Victoria. He describes himself as a class clown with an outgoing disposition, and at 6'3, simply asks for a bride who's shorter than him.
  • Mitch, 26, is a financial planner from the Gold Coast. Despite looking like a bit of a party boy, he prefers to spend his time on outdoor activities like fishing and camping. He's never had a girlfriend and is hoping this experiment will equip him with the tools to navigate a real relationship.
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