Mariah Carey proves her iconic status as her dress breaks on stage but she continues to perform

This video of Mariah Carey spontaneously performing while her dress breaks on stage is the epitome of iconic

Is Mariah Carey the real queen of Christmas? Not according to Mariah herself!
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The Queen of Christmas dazzles us during the holiday season once more.

While performing at the Moët & Chandon's Holiday Celebration event in New York City, Mariah Carey, who was recently inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame with a diva-worthy speech, had to deal with a fashion emergency when one of the chain-link straps on her $795 black Jonathan Simkhai slip gown ripped. Oops.

Don’t panic, though. In true superstar fashion, Mariah just continued on with her performance while her glam team rushed on stage to help her. Specifically, her stylist Wilfredo Rosado quickly fixed the dress strap while makeup artist Kristofer Buckle touched up her makeup and her hairstylist Danielle Priano worked her magic on stage as well. 

The best part of the ordeal was that not only did Mariah keep on performing, but she used the mishap as material for her show. While her team was fixing her up, she started freestyling and singing, "We need to get this dress together [...] Save me tonight!"

Audience members obviously went crazy over the whole accident, commenting on it on social media. 

"When is this being released on iTunes?," a fan wrote on Instagram in the comment section to Mariah's hairstylist’s video of the occurrence.

"​​An iconic moment with an icon 😍🤩🌟🌟🌟🌟," someone else noted.

"I love when our Queen give us these moments ❤️🔥," yet another wrote.

Mariah, who was recently sued over her iconic holiday song All I Want for Christmas is You, went on the record about the wardrobe malfunction in her Instagram Stories.

Mariah used her speech to point out the gender disparity in the Songwriters Hall of Fame

(Image credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Songwriters Hall of Fame)

"My gosh, it was very, very close to being a full-on scandal but we made it work. This part broke — came untethered I should say — but we got it back and everybody was super professional," she explained while pointing at a specific part of her dress before commenting on the impromptu song she came up with on the spot.

"It is what it was, it's nothing great. But let me just tell you this — we made it," she said.

The artist's candid nature is nothing new. Who can forget the time Mariah revealed a very relatable parenting moment on Twitter, for example.  

"Mommy please can I wear nails with glue," the first message reads. After a brief exchange, Mariah responds with a "no"—an answer that is returned with the most classic response from a child: why. 

Mariah captioned the screenshot, "The way my kids wait until the exact moment I get on a conference call to ask me these questions." 

Mariah, 52, is mother to ten-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan, whom the singer shares with ex-husband Nick Cannon, 42, and, despite being uber famous, she is the embodiment of the notion that celebrities, well, they're just like us: their clothes break at the worst possible moments and their kids have a tendency to interrupt important work meetings!

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