Mariah Carey just revealed a very relatable parenting moment on Twitter

Superstar artist Mariah Carey's kid texted her during an important conference call and we can’t help but relate to the struggle

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As they say: celebrities are just like us—just ask multi-Grammy award-winning artist Mariah Carey, who took to Twitter to publicize a parenting moment that has parents everywhere giggling (and, perhaps, crying) given the relatability of it.

Mariah, who recently shared her COVID-19 experience, posted a screenshot of a text conversation with one of her kids at 8:11pm. "Mommy please can I wear nails with glue," the first message reads. After a brief exchange, Mariah responds with a "no"—an answer that is returned with the most classic response from a child: why. 

Mariah captioned the screenshot, "The way my kids wait until the exact moment I get on a conference call to ask me these questions." Yes, we're laughing because we know exactly what the All I Want For Christmas is You singer means.

Mariah, 51, is mother to ten-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan, whom the singer shares with ex-husband Nick Cannon, 41.

This isn't the first time Mariah has given fans a behind-the-scenes look at life with kids. Last year, Nick actually revealed that Mariah was mad at him for having bought cellphones for the twins. "I was all for it [...] but Mariah was like, 'They ain't going to be Googling us. Learning about all their new brothers and sisters. No, we ain't playing'," Nick said during a public appearance, referring to his other kids. 

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Of course, Mariah isn’t the only celebrity to have had to deal with mommy duties while trying to work (or the only woman to have done that). Remember when, just a couple of years ago, Tina Fey's then 8-year-old daughter Penelope literally crashed her virtual interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers to call her a loser? How about Eva Longoria's Instagram post from January 5, depicting the star in the middle of a "sexy" pose with her son Santiago in the background? Eva captioned the image, "When you’re trying to have a photoshoot and your kid won’t let you!”

What can we say? Life with kids is hard… and it’s oddly nice to know that celebrities are dealing with the same sorts of issues that we are all contending with.

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