Manor - Wordle 346 infuriates fans, 'that was just cruel'

The word 'manor' has frustrated Wordle fans who have struggled to work out this most recent challenge from the New York Times

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The word 'manor' has confused a number of Wordle players who were frustrated when they struggled to work out the solution to Wordle 346.

Wordle has been known to throw fans some curveballs in the past. The word 'atoll' on May 30 shocked fans and other words such as the slang word 'homer,' and the word 'zesty,' have also ruined players' streaks.

Sadly for Wordle fans, Wordle 346 was much like many of these other more challenging games as fans were unable to solve this puzzle and took to social media to complain about the word 'manor'.

Wordle alternatives

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"That was just cruel. Wordle 346 5/6," said one fan who struggled to solve the puzzle.

"I've missed only a grand total of three words in this game, and yet this one pis**s me off the most. F**k this game. Wordle 346 X/6," said another very angry player.

"You utter bast**d. Wordle 346 X/6," said another fan turning to expletives.

"Wordle 346 X/6* Really starting to hate this game!" said yet another player who also failed to solve the challenge.

"Wordle 346 X/6 My second ever fail, too many options," said another.

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It seems that a common problem faced by players of this game was that the placement of the letters in the word 'manor' fit a lot of different words. 

This meant that if fans were missing one of the key letters in the word, they would struggle to figure out the word 'manor.' This is why some players complained that there were 'too many options' and struggled to solve the puzzle even after correctly working out three or four letters in the five letter puzzle.

Manor meaning


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The word 'manor' is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as 'a large old house in the country with land belonging to it, especially in Europe.'

The word is particularly used when describing a manor house or mansion which is part of a larger estate. The most common example of the word being used in popular culture is the 'Wayne Manor' which is the location where Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, lives. Or perhaps Bly Manor, which was the location of the fictional spooky Netflix TV series, The Haunting of Bly Manor.

If you didn't work this challenge out don't stress. If you want to get better at Wordle, there are plenty of Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks, that you can try to help you improve your streaks.

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