Are Lucinda and Timothy from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

Lucinda and Tim are an iconic MAFS Australia season 11 couple - here's what we know about their current relationship status

Lucinda and Timothy on Channel 4's Married at First Sight
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Wondering if Lucinda and Timothy from Married at First Sight Australia are still together? You’re probably not alone as season 11 drew to a close.

If you’ve only just discovered how to watch Married at First Sight Australia then you’ve missed out on a seriously dramatic season of the long-running show. The MAFS couples are matched up by experts based on compatibility and meet at the altar, before the experiment determines whether the bond they form over the weeks that follow are enough to spell true love. Whilst the weddings in Married at First Sight Australia aren’t legally binding, at the end of the process they can decide to continue their relationship in the outside world. Predicting which couples you think will stay together is a huge part of the watching experience for fans and in season 11 Lucinda and Timothy’s future relationship status might have caused plenty of debates. 

Now the reunion has aired in the UK and we have all the details about whether Lucinda and Timothy from Married at First Sight Australia are still together or not. 

“Warning: Spoilers for Married at First Sight Australia season 11 ahead*

Are Lucinda and Tim from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

Sadly for fans rooting for Lucinda and Timothy’s relationship this iconic Married At First Sight Australia couple are no longer together. The pair quickly rose to become a fan favourite on Married At First Sight Australia season 11 so it was devastating to see them go their separate ways following a difficult Homestay week. Their rollercoaster journey saw businessman Tim open up to marriage celebrant Lucinda about the passing of his father and his difficulties with opening up in relationships. Whilst it was clear that the couple cared for each other, their romantic relationship just wasn’t to be.

During the Homestays week Lucinda was left disappointed when Tim went for a walk and was absent for several hours without communicating with her. After an argument during a picnic date was the final straw for Lucinda, who had been working hard to break down Tim's emotional walls, they ultimately called things off before the Final Vows. The couple parted on good terms, though, expressing how much the other person has impacted them and been a key part of their journey on the show at their final Commitment Ceremony.

At the Married at First Sight reunion there were a few hints that perhaps Lucinda and Timothy could be open to seeing how things go.  They made it clear that there was no bitterness or bad feelings between them and, as per the Daily Mail Australia, Timothy even shared his belief that there was some “hope” and that they still “talk every couple of days”. Meanwhile, Lucinda declared that she’d got the “perfect husband” for her in Tim.

However, they are very much just good friends since Married At First Sight Australia came to an end, rather than pursuing a romantic relationship. Tim confirmed this on 8th April (the day that the reunion aired in Australia) when he took to Instagram to share a picture of him and Lucinda at the Married at First Sight reunion. In the caption he declared simply, "Turns out Friends at First Sight is even better when you have a friendship like ours."

Meanwhile, Lucinda shared pictures from the reunion too, alongside a long message in which she praised Tim’s "ability to bring laughter to those around you, even amidst your own pain and loss". She explained that despite his "Tin Man façade" she sees the "enormous heart" he carries.

"I've witnessed you take tremendous strides in our journey together, and I hope you continue on your path of healing. True redemption and inner peace come from letting go, forgiving, and allowing love to flow freely," she continued.

She added, "I believe in you, Timbo, and I know that a wonderful woman awaits you for a joyous journey ahead. Here whenever you need an ear."

Then a few days later on 16th April she posted another picture of her with Timothy and described them as "recent divorcees!"

So whilst Lucinda and Timothy from Married at First Sight Australia aren’t together anymore, it seems that not only have they emerged from the experiment as friends, they are incredibly close friends and are showing every sign of being in each other’s lives long-term.

All episodes of Married at First Sight Australia season 11 are available to stream now on Channel 4.

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