Lisa Snowdon reveals the flattering £28 swimming costume she loves for summer

At age 46, Lisa Snowdon has never looked better.

The model and presenter has enjoyed a hugely successful career over the years. And she's certainly not slowing down now, with regular stints on This Morning, fashion and modelling gigs, her own hugely acclaimed beauty blog - and now, a brand new swimwear line with JD Williams.

Lisa has always had one of the best bodies in the business - but she's never shyed away from being honest about how it's changed as she's got older.

Which is why she opted to team up with the brand for this gorgeous new swimwear line. Made for 40+ women - or, the 'Midster' lady - it's been specially designed with lots of clever tweaks, including sculpting and firming technology, to help you feel your best.

So why did Lisa feel passionate about getting involved with the range?

She confessed, “I’ve always been a really big promoter of women feeling good about themselves, whether that’s in lingerie or swimwear or clothes, it all goes hand in hand.

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"What I’m really passionate about is that when we get to a certain age we don’t stop wanting to look good or feel good, or feel sexy." Hear hear!

Lisa continued, referring to the JD Williams range, "The designs are cool in that they’re still really sexy and flattering. They give you a little lift tuck. For example, I need more support on my boobs, and they’re clever with their designs in that way.

But which is her favourite piece from the entire range?

Lisa confessed exclusively to w&h online that she loves the black and white striped halterneck swimming costume.

Lisa Snowdon

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She explained, “I really love the stripey swimsuit with the halterneck top.

"It’s got a lovely gold glittery stripe woven with in, so it works if you want something special - say if you want to go to the French Riviera or Amalfi coast. You can wear it with a lovely black sarong or a kaftan – it’s just got that really nice bit of shimmer to it.

"It’s got lovely support on the boobs, and it nips you in at the waist. It’s just really flattering."

So what about the rest of Lisa's JD Williams swimwear line? Take a look at the entire collection:

Lisa Snowdon

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Lisa Snowdon

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Lisa Snowdon

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Lisa Snowdon

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Lisa Snowdon

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As someone who has enjoyed a long career in fashion, Lisa is also uniquely primed to offer an opinion on ageism in the industry. And it turns out, she's not very happy about it.

She confessed, "I absolutely don’t think there’s enough age diversity around at all. Older ladies need to be represented much more. It’s so important for girls over a certain age to still have a sense of feeling good and looking good.

"It shouldn’t be such an ageist society. Of course you’re going to look good in your 20s. But we all know so much more about how to take care of ourselves these days that actually, we’re all just looking amazing. I think it’s a real shame and it does need to be addressed.

"We need to celebrate women of all ages, because I think age is a privilege and it’s something really beautiful."

And she certainly practises what she preached - confessing she feels more confident than ever at 43.

Lisa Snowdon

Lisa said, "For me, I definitely feel more confident. I think you just start to learn to accept yourself as you get older really. You start thinking that there are way more things you could be worrying about then obsessing about a patch of skin on the back of your thighs that could be more smooth, or stretch marks here or there."

But that doesn't mean Lisa Snowdon doesn't like to take care of herself. A self-confessed exercise addict, she however admitted that working out now is more for her mind and sanity than anything else.

Speaking about exercising in her 20s, she admitted, "I didn’t do anything before, I was absolutely so lazy! Then it was a case of when I got to 35 I realised I needed to work out for my body.

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"Now I’m in my 40s I know I have to work out not just for my body, but for my mind.It really helps me to handle stress better, to sleep better, it just has a knock on effect. I just need to move.

On the exercises she loves, Lisa confessed that she'll usually make time to squeeze in a pilates or yoga class - or go for a quick walk in between jobs.

Lisa also told w&h that she makes sure to stick to a healthy diet - but won't deny herself a treat every now and then. And her particular snack of choice? Potatoes.

She confessed, "I just love food, I always have. Potatoes are probably my weakness because I’ll eat them pretty much any which way they can be prepared. I just love them – they literally are my comfort food."

A girl after our own heart!

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