Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure set to star in ITV’s new action-packed cop drama Trigger Point

Calling all Line of Duty fans!

Line of Duty, Trigger Point
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Line of Duty fans are delighted to hear that Vicky McClure is set to star in another cop drama in ITV’s new show Trigger Point which is being filmed now.

Line of Duty captured many of our hearts and after the season six finale, many Line of Duty fans were shocked by twist ending, and left wondering Is Line of Duty season 7 happening? So if you are looking for another cop drama to sink your teeth into while you wait for Season 7 of Line of Duty, Trigger Point might be exactly what you are looking for.

ITV’s new series Trigger Point is the latest cop drama from the minds behind The Bodyguard and Line of Duty. This six-part series will look at the policework surrounding counter-terrorism and look specifically at the work of the Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad. 

Vicky McClure, who starred in Line of Duty as Detective Inspector Kate Fleming, will be stepping into a similar role in this series as she performs as front-line officer Lana Washington. Her character also goes by the name ‘Expo’ and is an experienced bomb disposal operative who is ex-military and previously served in Afghanistan.

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Trigger Point

(Image credit: ITV)

Vicky McClure commented on the new project saying, “So grateful to be working with Jed again. I’m really looking forward to creating a strong, bright and troubled character in Lana Washington. Daniel Brierley has produced a brilliant and nail-biting script. I can’t wait to get started later this year.” Neither can we Vicky!

Vicky also tweeted about the project saying, “Meet Lana Washington & Joel Nutkins! We’re off to an explosive start!! Can’t wait to reveal more as we go along…we’ve got an incredible cast!! And the crew are creating absolute gold! Trigger Point!!”

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Adrian Lester will also be starring in this ITV drama as Joel Nutkins, another operative who works alongside Vicky’s character.

Adrian commented about his excitement about this new series saying, “I’m really looking forward to partnering with Vicky on this great new series. Jed Mercurio’s material is always great. This series is ambitious and challenging which is why it’s exciting to be a part of the team.”

Jed Mercurio, the writer behind Line of Duty and Trigger Point commented on Adrian Lester joining the series. “I’m absolutely thrilled Adrian Lester has joined the cast of Trigger Point. Adrian is one of the finest actors working in British television today and will make a formidable combination with Vicky McClure,” he said. 

Trigger Point

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Fans are ecstatic about this new project and many have taken to social media to share their enthusiasm. One fan said, "Genuinely already know we are all going to be SO SO SO OBSESSED, And I am so okay with that #triggerpoint." Another fan stated, "Love Adrian Lester and of course Vicky McClure. Look forward to seeing #triggerpoint Do love a drama, ITV does show some brilliant ones."

Production is currently underway for the series but a release date for the six-part drama has yet to be announced.

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