Line of Duty fans shocked by twist ending, 'even the wee donkey was disappointed'

Line of Duty fans left baffled as season six of the crime drama concluded on Sunday

Vicky McClure, Martin Compston and Adrian Dunbar in BBC's Line of Duty
(Image credit: BBC)

Line of Duty fans were shocked as the series concluded on Sunday 2nd May and many of the fans burning questions were answered, but not everyone is happy with the ending of the beloved series!

Many Line of Duty fans have been hotly anticipating the season finale of the crime drama and finally finding out the identity of the elusive H. Although the series did resolve the burning questions we hoped would be answered, many fans were still disappointed with the series finale. 

**This article will have spoilers so please watch the final episode before you read!**

Fans were shocked to find out that Ian Buckells was the mysterious mastermind behind H’s identity. Many took to Twitter to share their disbelief. One shocked fan took to Twitter to insist that the Buckells' reveal was actually part of an elaborate prank from Ant and Dec's 'Get me out of Ear' game.

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One fan announced on Twitter, "I haven’t waited 10 years for it to be Buckells #LineOfDuty #LineofDutyFinale"

Another fan weighed in on the public reaction to H's identity reveal and used one of Ted Hastings best sayings to state, "Even the wee donkey was somewhat disappointed tonight."

One fan even compared this secret identity reveal to The Usual Suspects and said, “Ladies and gentlemen I give you the pound shop Keyser Soze. #Lineofduty”

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Although many fans were disappointed by this reveal, others were intrigued by this twist. One fan said, “I’m going against the grain here but I like that it was Buckells. It makes sense and I didn’t expect it.  But I did want more drama. And I think they misjudged doing a seventh episode. A 90min season finale of the last two episodes would have been much better #LineOfDuty”

Many fans decided that we needed a Line of Duty season 7 was definitely in order as they needed a better conclusion to the story. 

 One fan said, “Is it just me or does it still not feel tied up... I mean Buckells never actually admitted to collusion, Hastings has appealed his retirement and Kate and Steve are clearly meant to get together... Roll on season 7 #LOD #LineofDutyFinale #LineOfDuty THERE'S MORE TO THIS STORY!”

Although many of the cast have spoken about Line of Duty as a finished series, many fans are still hoping that there is more to come. Many fans have also put their faith into a cryptic tweet released by Jed Mercurio that stated, "Carry the Fire." Who knows if there will be another series, but we'll keep our fingers crossed just in case!

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