Katherine Heigl reveals the important reason she wanted to work on Firefly Lane

The star of Netflix's Firefly Lane reveals why she wanted to be involved in the project

Katherine Heigl
(Image credit: Netflix)

Katherine Heigl has revealed in a recent interview, with InStyle, why she decided to get involved in Netflix's recent TV show Firefly Lane.

Katherine has had a varied career in both television and film. She shot to fame as Izzie Stevens in ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and she soon became a rom-com icon after starring in various romantic comedies such as, ‘Life As We Know It,’ 'Knocked Up' and ‘The Ugly Truth.’ More recently she has worked on television shows like ‘Suits’ and ‘Firefly Lane,’ which was released on Netflix in February 2021.

The show has been an enormous hit since its release and has everyone asking the same questions, 'Will there be another season of Firefly Lane?', 'Why did Tully and Kate stop talking in Firefly Lane?' and 'What’s next for Firefly Lane?' In a recent interview, Katherine spoke honestly about why she wanted to get involved with the project.

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Katherine Heigl

(Image credit: Netflix)

In an interview with InStyle, Katherine spoke about the fact that she is a believer in manifesting. She revealed that she believes she manifested the role of Tully Hart in Firefly Lane. "I had been putting out there into the universe that these are the sort of stories I wanted to be telling," she said.

Katherine revealed that she was disappointed by the roles that were available to women over the age of 40 in Hollywood. She said, "It's this weird dead zone [of content], but you're thinking, 'I'm not dead.” 

She said she wasn’t afraid of aging and wanted to continue working despite the lack of opportunity and roles. “I wasn't really scared of turning 40 because inside I still felt the same,” she said. "It wasn't like, 'Well, today is the day that I hang the ol’ cap up.'"

In Firefly Lane, Katherine plays Tully Hart in her 40s in 2003 and in her 20s in the 1980s. The narrative focuses on the friendship between Tully and her best friend Kate (Sarah Chalke) and follows their lives through fame, fortune and heartbreak. The show also delves into more serious topics like miscarriage and sexism.

Katherine revealed that she was impressed by the way sensitive topics are being handled by Netlfix. In Firefly Lane, there is a rape-scene in the second episode that is portrayed by teenage actors. On the set, there was an intimacy co-ordinator who was brought in to ensure the comfort of the young actress. Katherine commended this action from production, "I was like, that is huge. We did not have that when I was growing up."

Firefly Lane

(Image credit: Netflix)

Katherine also reminisced on her rom-com past, revealing she likes the change that's currently happening with the genre, "they've taken the genre and modernized it and that is what I feel needed to happen.”

However, she also said that it would be unlikely she would return to rom-coms. "I can't go back and do 27 Dresses again. I'm not 28, I'm 42. What does that look like in the romance world?" 

She continued, "By the time you get to 40 you understand that things can certainly go your way, but it's not without cost and not without sacrifice and failure and heartbreak and all the other stuff that goes along with life."

Katherine revealed that during the pandemic she's spent a lot of time at her Utah ranch with her family. She said it's "the first time I have had a full year off since I was 16." The star spoke about how much she loved spending time with her children and how important it was for her family to spend time together.

The star revealed that although she loves working, she will continue to be selective about the roles she chooses, "I don't want to work for the sake of working, this time with my family has taught me how much I need to be here. That needs to be equally as important as the next job." 

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