What’s next for Firefly Lane? Showrunner drops some serious hints after *that* season 1 cliffhanger

Will a potential season 2 follow the book?

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What’s next for Firefly Lane is the question on many people’s minds after we were left shocked and desperate for more following *that* season 1 cliffhanger ending. The hit show starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke depicts the ups and downs of Tully and Kate’s decades-long friendship and is adapted from Kristin Hannah’s book of the same name. But whilst many avid book readers will already be aware of the main Firefly Lane book vs show differences, others could look to the book for clues about what might happen in a possible Firefly Lane second season.

We may be keen to know why Tully and Kate stopped talking, but it seems that the book doesn’t necessarily hold all the answers. Showrunner Maggie Friedman has dropped a few hints about what could lie ahead for the show - *if* Netflix confirms another season of Firefly Lane, that is... 

What’s next for Firefly Lane?

Showrunner Maggie Friedman has revealed more than a few exciting hints about what a possible Firefly Lane season 2 could have in store for viewers. When we last saw Kate's husband Johnny (played by Ben Lawson), he had been injured in Iraq when a bomb exploded and we have no idea if he’s still alive. 

Speaking with Collider, Maggie shared that Johnny will be back - one way or another - as he would still be featured in the '80s flashbacks even if he died.

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Though Ben himself seems confident, having revealed to HollywoodLife: “If they were to follow the story of the book, then you know Johnny’s going to live to fight another day.”

But when it comes to the ultimate cliffhanger that occurs in the aftermath of the funeral at the end of Firefly Lane, Maggie hasn’t confirmed the direction the show will take. We see Tully and Kate’s friendship has reached breaking point and in the books, the reason for this is made crystal clear. 

Kristin Hannah’s novel reveals that the cause of the animosity between the former best friends is due to Tully inviting Kate and her daughter Marah on her show - only for the segment to be about over-protective mothers. Kate feels she’s been branded a bad mother on national television and the once close friendship is left in tatters.

Will this also be the case in Netflix’s Firefly Lane? Well, Maggie isn’t giving away any clues. She told Entertainment Weekly: “One of the things I think that’s been fun is that we have kept some big moments from the book and been very true to those, and then there are other things that we’ve done that are different.”

So it seems we’ll still have to wait for confirmation of a second season to get our much-needed answers and return to those stunning Firefly Lane locations again. 

But whether it would follow the book plot or forge its own path - we can’t wait!

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