Kate Moss reveals the bizarre story behind her first diamond necklace and it includes Johnny Depps butt

In a new interview, Kate Moss revealed the bizarre story about the first time she owned diamonds as she delves into her most iconic looks

 Kate Moss revealed the bizarre story about the first time she owned diamonds as she delves into her most iconic looks
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Kate Moss revealed the bizarre story behind a stunning piece of jewelry that was worn by the supermodel in 1995 and gifted to her by a former boyfriend.

In a video interview with British Vogue, Kate Moss reflected on some of her most iconic looks over the past few decades. While looking at some of these past fashion choices, Kate shared some funny anecdotes about some of her pieces, including a very revealing story about her ex, Johnny Depp.

In the video, Kate was presented with a photograph of herself from 1995 when she was wearing a bright white full-length John Galliano gown and a diamond necklace to the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City. The supermodel revealed that although it is her 'favorite dress' and she received it for her 21st birthday, she has in fact now lost it and has no idea where it currently is.

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Discussing the significance of the necklace seen in the photo Kate revealed, "And that diamond necklace, Johnny gave me. They were the first diamonds I ever owned," said Kate as she then added in a slightly less sentimental tone, "He pulled them out of the 'crack of his a*se."

Explaining the story further the supermodel said, "We were going out for dinner and he said 'I've got something up my bum, can you have a look?' And I was like 'what?' and I put my hand down his trousers and I pulled out a diamond necklace." 

"That diamond necklace," added Kate as she pointed back to the image on the table.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp dated for four years between 1994 and 1998. Following their break up Johnny went on to have a relationship with Vanessa Paradis, with whom he has two children. Similarly, Kate went on to have a relationship with Jefferson Hack with whom she has a daughter named Lila Grace Moss-Hack.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp

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Although the pair were only romantically linked for four years, they have continued to speak positively about each other. Most notably, the supermodel testified on behalf of her ex-boyfriend to combat allegations of domestic abuse put forward by his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Following this court appearance, Kate revealed why she testified in the Johhny Depp trial and claimed, "I know the truth about Johnny. I know he never kicked me down the stairs. I had to say that truth."

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