Kate Moss is the new queen of self-care as she strips down to launch new wellness brand COSMOSS

Kate Moss bared all as she announces new wellness brand, COSMOSS

Kate Moss is launching COSMOSS, a new self-care brand
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There was a time Kate Moss was known as the ultimate supermodel – late night parties, glamorous hedonism and unapologetic rebellion.

While this might seem like the true celebrity rock and roll lifestyle from the outside, Kate recently revealed some of the darker side, including being targeted by predators as a young model.

Having been there and done that on the scene – for the good and the bad times – it might not be a surprise then that Kate’s new venture has her more in tune with the zen relaxation of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop brand.

The iconic supermodel has taken to social media to announce the upcoming launch of a wellness and beauty brand called COSMOSS.

However, she proved she still has a touch of the wild child in her. In one video promoting the brand, Kate stripped off completely to go skinny dipping.

And the bare cheek of this advertising approach seems to have paid off – fans are already excited for what COSMOSS has to offer.

Fashion designer Bella Freud wrote, “If it makes your bum look that good I’m getting some.”

Others were quick to share similar sentiments. Fans’ comments included “Queen behavior” and “Why can’t I see anything like this when I go fishing?”

As for what to expect from Kate’s new venture, the brand explains that “COSMOSS is self-care created for life’s modern journeys – a celebration of every day exactly as it is, with all its imperfections.”

“Each product has been meticulously crafted with wellbeing in mind; each ritual opens a door to balance, restoration and love.”

Other posts teasing the launch of the brand explain that each product offered by the brand is inspired by Kate Moss’ supermodel past.

On the brand’s Instagram, they explain, “COSMOSS draws on the extraordinary life experience of Kate Moss – ready to share her journey of self-acceptance and freely be herself.”

Kate Moss will use her experience as a supermodel to help curate all of COSMOSS' products

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So far, a couple of items have already been teased, including a new eau de parfum.

Described as “grounding, up-lifting [and] sensual” the Sacred Mist by COSMOSS will be one of the first products available when the site launches on September 1st.

Another potential beauty must have is the Face Cream by COSMOSS, which includes “a formula rich with botanical extracts that nourishes the skin and decreases the effect of oxidative stress.”

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