Jennifer Garner thanks her 40-year-old self for starting a new athletic hobby and she’s totally inspired us

The queen of rom-coms proves it's never too late to start a new hobby!

Jennifer Garner thanks her 40-year-old self
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Jennifer Garner thanked her 40-year-old self for taking up an epic new hobby in a seriously inspirational Instagram post. 

You know what they say - it's never too late to start something new, regardless of your age. Whether it's playing piano, learning to sew, or taking up cooking, anything is possible - and Jennifer Garner proved this to us all in her latest Instagram post. 

On Instagram, the star posted a video of her hitting the ski slopes, riding down a mountain and donning a bright smile. 

"Dear 40 year old Jen, thank you for learning to pizza and French fry on the bunny hill with the little kids," the caption reads.

"Fresh tracks!" she exclaims in her video while gliding down a freshly snow-covered hill. 

The rest of her caption reveals her gratitude for picking up the sport later in life, and then begs the question to herself - what will she learn next? 

This message of not being afraid to try new things, regardless of age, certainly resonated with a lot of her fans, seeing as Jennifer just turned 50 in 2022 (although you'd never be able to tell!). Many even took the time to comment different hobbies that they've taken up over the years. 

One fan commented on her post that she learned to surf at 49 years old, writing, "I learned to surf at 49 and will be sand surfing for the first time in 2 weeks at 50 when I visit Abu Dhabi for the 1st time."

Another fan said that she had learned tennis right before she turned 40, and is so grateful she took the time to take up the sport. 

"Learned to play tennis at 38. Had always wanted to play. Started out with a class. Have been playing ever since - now 63 and hoping I am still playing at 83!" they commented.

Jennifer Garner thanks her 40-year-old self

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We imagine that, as a mom-of-three and a working actress, she's probably pretty booked - so it truly is incredible that she's able to fit time into her schedule to take up a new hobby. It goes to show that if she has time to pursue new passions that make her happy, we can too. 

Jennifer's three kids, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, whom she shares with her ex-husband Ben Affleck, also learned to ski while Jennifer did, as referenced in her Instagram caption. There's a hack for learning a new skill - force your kids to take it up with you! 

Another mom agreed in a comment on Jennifer's post that her method of taking up a new skill is effective. "YES! I learned in my late 30s as my kids learned. It was hard and hours of bunny hill and lessons but so so SO worth it! ENJOY," the comment reads. 

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