ITV drama Angela Black is labeled 'slow' as many say episodes lack pace

ITV's Angela Black drama—fans have claimed that the series is too slow as the second episode fails to impress viewers

Angela Black on ITV stars October 10, starring Joanne Frogatt
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Fans of ITV's newest drama Angela Black have taken to social media to complain about the pace of the new Sunday night television series.

The second episode of Angela Black aired on Sunday, October 17, and fans are complaining that the ITV drama series lacks pace. One fan complained on social media, "I’m really not enjoying Angela Black … it’s frustrating and too slow. #AngelaBlack." Another said, "Angela Black, absolutely dire to watch !! #angelablack #boring #slow." 

The six-part series is set to continue over the next four weeks but already some fans are reluctant to tune in. "There's another four episodes of this! #AngelaBlack," said one viewer as another commented, "It’s gonna be drawn out. A lot of these dramas could be tied up in four episodes easily."

Angela Black ITV drama starring Joanne Froggatt and Michiel Huisman

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This isn't the first time that the show has been hit with criticism as many fans complained about the portrayal of domestic abuse in Angela Black after the show's debut episode.

Domestic abuse was a theme that continued into the second episode as Angela's husband Olivier becomes verbally abusive and grabs his wife's arm after he accuses her of flirting with his colleague at work dinner.

Although there were tense moments, ultimately viewers felt that they were still just as confused by the drama and hadn't learned much more about the characters and the plot. 

However, one mystery from the first episode of the show was unraveled in the second installment. In the pilot episode, fans were baffled by Angela's choice of utensil to butter her toast. 

It was revealed in this second episode that this method was just another way that Angela was controlled by her husband as she opted for a spoon instead of a knife because her husband Olivier thinks that a spoon that limits her butter intake. 

Angela Black ITV drama starring Joanne Froggatt

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Although some fans found this slow, others found that the slow pace built tension within the show and added to the sinister themes of the show. 

In one scene, Angela went snooping in her husband's office and dropped a pen which then stained the carpet. Knowing that this small move could mean physical abuse for Angela, put viewers on the edge of their seats. 

"The fact that just a pen drop in this show is enough to make me feel sick! Less than 20 minutes in and Joanne Froggatt already has me on edge…#AngelaBlack," said one fan.

The series will continue to air on Sundays at 9 pm on ITV.

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