Joanne Froggatt's new ITV drama Angela Black is just days away, but what lies in store in the sinister new show?

Angela Black reveals nothing is ever as perfect as it seems...

Angela Black on ITV stars October 10, starring Joanne Froggatt
(Image credit: ITV)

Angela Black, ITV's new psychological drama is almost here and we can’t wait to see Joanne Froggatt’s brilliant performance in the terrifying tale of manipulation and lies. 

While drama fans eagerly wait for Silent Witness 2022 and wonder if Amanda Burton will return next series, or catch up on BBC’s Vigil, Angela Black has plenty of twists, turns and dark moments to keep you hooked over the next six weeks. Telling the tale of titular character Angela’s supposedly perfect life, it soon becomes apparent that things aren’t quite so wonderful as they seem when her husband Olivier’s controlling behavior emerges from the shadows. The ITV drama’s cast includes none other than Downton Abbey’s Joanne Froggatt and whilst the recent Downton Abbey sequel trailer teased some more joyous moments for her character there, in Angela Black, things are far more terrifying. 

But what is Angela Black about, who does Joanne Froggatt play and when can you watch it on ITV? We reveal all you need to know about the chilling new show.

Angela Black ITV drama starring Joanne Froggatt

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What’s the new ITV drama Angela Black about?

ITV’s Angela Black is written by Baptiste's Jack and Harry Williams and follows Angela who appears to have it all—a wonderful husband, two loving sons, and a beautiful home. Behind closed doors, however, there is a much darker reality lurking out of sight. Angela is actually an isolated woman desperate to escape her marriage to Olivier, who is revealed to be incredibly controlling. 

Angela Black ITV drama starring Joanne Froggatt and Michiel Huisman

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After private investigator Ed arrives and confronts Angela with her husband’s darkest secrets, however, she decides the time has finally come to fight back against Olivier. But will Angela manage to make her escape and start again far away from her abusive husband? Viewers will just have to wait until the gripping drama's final episode to find out...

Who does Joanne Froggatt play in Angela Black?

Joanne Froggatt is perhaps best known for her roles as courageous maid Anna Bates in Julian Fellowes’ acclaimed period drama, Downton Abbey, and as Laura in psychological drama Liar. Now she’s showcasing her immense talent once again as Angela in ITV’s highly-anticipated Angela Black.

Angela Black ITV drama starring Joanne Froggatt

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And the actor has already shared just what makes Angela Black so “unnerving” for her as she opened up about what viewers can expect throughout all six episodes.

“It’s a real psychological thriller and it’s a psychological thriller in the home which makes it, to me, even more disturbing in a way,” she declared. 

“Because it’s not something that happens outside in a world far away from the one we’re all living in, it’s one that could be happening in the house next door, or possibly in your own house, and that’s what’s so unnerving about it and really stuck with me actually.”

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She went on to add, “So it’s a very intriguing and twisting plot, but it’s unnerving because it feels so close to home.”

Though it seems that despite the mounting anticipation surrounding the new show, an Angela Black season 2 could already be off the cards for a very significant reason.

"This is a one and only six-part series," Joanne explained to Digital Spy (opens in new tab). "It's such a twisty-turny thriller and it goes to places – I mean, I don't know where [creators] Jack and Harry [Williams] get these ideas.” 

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The star said, “I think by the time we go through those six episodes and we get our very satisfying conclusion, I think you don't need to revisit it. The audience will all have been through enough shocks and surprises and twists and turns. It was very much meant as one story."

But whether this “one story” will see Angela Black achieve her much-deserved happy ending and fresh start away from her abusive husband remains to be seen. It seems viewers will just have to tune in on ITV to see just where the “twists and turns” take Joanne’s complex character over the next six weeks. 

Angela Black cast—who else is in it?

Joanne Froggatt is joined in ITV’s Angela Black cast by The Flight Attendant and Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House actor, Michiel Huisman. Some eagle-eyed viewers might also remember him as sellsword Daario Naharis in Game of Thrones and will soon get to see him in one the best Christmas movies on Netflix in the upcoming release, A Boy Called Christmas.

Though his role in Angela Black is far removed from this as he stars opposite Joanne as her manipulative and abusive husband Olivier. 

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Speaking about portraying such a disturbing character, Michiel explained, “My character Olivier is a very successful real estate developer and he’s someone who’s very busy with his appearances.”

He continued, “It's very important to him how people perceive him and he wants to, you know, come across as the perfect husband, the doting father and so the reality is that there is a very dark side to his character as well, which he desperately tries to hide. I mean, I would describe Olivier’s behavior as extremely manipulative.” 

Angela Black on ITV starring Joanne Frogatt, Michiel Huisman and Samuel Adewunmi

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Though as Angela and Olivier, Joanne and Michiel are the central Angela Black cast members, they are also joined by Samuel Adewunmi (The Hatton Garden Job) as private investigator Ed. Arriving to confront Angela with dark truths about her husband, his input could possibly determine whether she ever manages to escape Olivier’s clutches for good. 

When does Angela Black start on ITV?

For those who already can’t wait to see Angela Black as soon as it premieres, the new Joanne Froggatt drama will start at 9pm on Sunday, October 10 on ITV. The new ITV show consists of six gripping episodes and will air weekly on ITV every Sunday until the final on November 14. And if you’d rather catch up on all the chilling scenes another time, then never fear! Angela Black will also be available to catch-up on via the ITV Hub, so you can also re-watch to see all the tiny details you might’ve missed before the next episode lands. 

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