Is Cyber Monday worth it? Why it's worth waiting for the Cyber Monday deals

There's still plenty of time to snap up a brilliant deal..

Is Cyber Monday worth it? why it's worth waiting for the Cyber Monday deals
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There's a lot of Cyber Monday hype today, but is Cyber Monday worth it? And which is better, Cyber Monday or Black Friday? 

In short, the answer is both have their own perks. Gone are the days when Black Friday was just a day. It's now a whole weekend. In fact, a long weekend, that spills into the next week. 


But Cyber Monday is often the day many retailers reveal their best bargains. Brands like & Other Stories have unveiled their 50% off mega sale in the early hours of this morning (there goes our monthly wages) and there are still great deals to be had across core Black Friday brands - just look at the Cyber Monday Le Creuset deals, the Cyber Monday Jo Malone deals, or, if you want something really special, the Mulberry Cyber Monday offerings

Not to mention the world's most wanted hairdryer - which you can still pick up at a great discount by taking advantage of some of the Dyson hair dryer deals. You can see our best Cyber Monday deals so far here.

But is Cyber Monday actually worth waiting for? We think so, and these deals are a few reasons why. 

Best Cyber Monday deals available right now

Is Cyber Monday worth waiting for?

Cyber Monday is the last push for retailers to take advantage of the peak trading season.

So if you really want a certain product - or, just some great savings in general on things like Cyber Monday Gucci handbags and accessories, we'd recommend you shop these ASAP to avoid missing out - the offers will run out at midnight tonight. 

Black Friday is, of course, a big shopping event, but there are some very important reasons to stick around to shop on Cyber Monday, too...

Is Cyber Monday the same as Black Friday?

In years gone by, Cyber Monday and Black Friday were two much more separate events. Typically, a few years ago, Black Friday meant the day that you'd see sales in stores - especially so in the US. Cyber Monday was then the day when the big deals moved online, hence the name 'Cyber'.

However, as we've become more accustomed to online shopping as a nation - and particularly this year with shops shut - the two shopping events have merged, and now, it generally means a weeks worth of sales online and instore from Friday - Monday, taking place on the last weekend of November.

As the two events have somewhat melded together, Cyber Monday and Black Friday have become undeniably similar.

But for shoppers, that simply means even more chance to get some fantastic discounts online over four days, instead of one!

Cyber Monday is a fantastic chance to get a discount on Christmas presents, given that it is so close to the 25th December. And typically, it's one of the best times of year to get deals on high-ticket items such as TVs, headphones, perfume deals, and Black Friday beauty deals

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