Is Grantchester season 8 the final season of the hit detective drama and will there be a season 9 as Will and Geordie are pushed to the limit?

Grantchester season 8 has finally landed but the return of Will and Geordie might have fans wondering if this will be their final appearance

Is Grantchester season 8 the final season? Seen here are Tom Brittney as Will and Robson Green as Geordie
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Grantchester season 8 is set to raise the stakes for Reverend Will Davenport and DI Geordie Keating and some might be fearful of what that might mean for the crime-solving pair.

Returning soon after US fans saw Endeavour end for good, Grantchester has transported viewers back in time once again as another of our favorite detecting duos are leaping back into action. Whilst Reverend Will Davenport might not be a detective by profession he’s proved to be a huge asset to DI Geordie Keating over the years, just as his predecessor Reverend Sidney Chambers was. It’s already been teased that season 8 will see them pushed to their “limit” and some might be wondering about the show’s future.  

But is Grantchester season 8 the final installment of the ITV drama or will there be a season 9? We reveal what we know so far and how to watch the show from the beginning…

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Tom Brittney in Grantchester season 8 trailer

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Is Grantchester season 8 the final season and will there be a season 9? 

After the emotional impact of Endeavour ending for good earlier this year, detective drama fans might well have been a little worried about Grantchester’s future too. Thankfully it's now been revealed that Grantchester season 9 is officially happening, with filming reportedly already started. Sadly, this season will also mean we'll be seeing Tom Brittney leaving Grantchester as Will Davenport as he's confirmed that after playing the vicar since 2019, this will be his final season. However, fans will be introduced to his replacement Reverend Alphy Kotteram in this new season as well as we can't wait to see new cast member Rishi Nair bring this character to life. 

Since premiering in 2014 the crime drama has amassed fans across the world and with the demand there for more, it's possible Grantchester season 9 won't be the show's final outing either. The series is based upon James Runcie’s The Grantchester Mysteries but it’s departed from the source material at points. On the author’s website, some of these changes are referenced, including how each season of Grantchester advances one year and introducing Will in season 4 when Happy Valley’s James Norton departed the series as Reverend Sidney Chambers.

This is similar to how ITV's Vera is inspired by Ann Cleeves’ Vera novels but has explored different avenues, including introducing DS Aidan Healy as a show-only character after David Leon left Vera as DS Joe Ashworth. 

Still of Will from Grantchester season 8 trailer

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Grantchester could continue to deliver intriguing mysteries for Geordie and Alphy to solve with more creative license to deviate and explore different plotlines if it was renewed again in the future. Geordie’s actor Robson Green previously revealed to ITV how much he enjoys playing the Cambridgeshire-based DI as season 8 was announced. 

Robson described the show as getting “better with age” and declared “everyone involved is at the top of their game” and that it was an “absolute privilege to be part of it”. 

Robson Green in Grantchester season 8 trailer

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His love of the show suggests that he might well be up for a potential Grantchester season 10, but ahead of this it seems Geordie and Will are set to face some seriously challenging times. ITV has teased that a “terrible accident” would see the reverend lead on a “dangerous downward spiral”.

Not only that, but Grantchester season 8 would test Will and Geordie “to the limit” as it explores “faith, forgiveness and redemption”. With the stakes raised, we’re in for an emotional and turbulent ride in season 8 as we await further news on season 9 and about Will's exit…

How to watch Grantchester season 8 and from the beginning 

For US viewers there's no need for any more agonizing waiting as Grantchester season 8 started on July 9 on Masterpiece PBS. Episodes are being released weekly on Sundays building up to the last two episodes which will be released in one go on Sunday, August 6. UK viewers will have to be patient for a little while longer as whilst it is set to land on ITV1 and ITVX, an exact UK release date for Grantchester season 8 hasn't been confirmed yet. 

Anyone in the US can also catch up on Grantchester seasons 1-7 via PBS Passport, whilst those in the UK can enjoy all the previous seasons via ITVX, alongside the Grantchester Christmas Special.

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