Take a peek inside Ina Garten's newly organized pantry—we’re obsessed!

In a new series of photos, Ina Garten shares tips on how to properly organize a pantry and kitchen

Ina Garten
(Image credit: Noam Galai / Contributor)

If you've always dreamed of taking a peek inside Ina Garten's very own kitchen, you're in luck. The 74-year-old culinary guru just shared a series of photos from her revamped pantry and kitchen in East Hampton, New York, and we can't stop analyzing every single detail.

Ina, who also gave her fans a rare peek inside her secret garden not long ago, is clearly a pro. In addition to offering a glimpse of her personal space, she shared some tips so that folks at home can organize a pantry like hers, too.

"Every year, I organize my pantry and weed out old oils and baking powder," she wrote in the caption accompanying her photo dump. "This year, I got clear plastic containers for all those messy chocolate chip and dried bean packages. It’s easier to see what I already have when I’m making a grocery list!"

Ina also revealed that she likes to leave big white crocks on her counter and fill them with utensils so that they're easy to reach. She specifically suggests putting all the white and wood utensils in one container and the stainless steel ones in another. 

Last but not least, she suggests leaving some lemons and limes on the counter as well, for two reasons. On the one hand, they "make the kitchen feel good." On the other hand, using the citrus at room temperature guarantees you'll get more juice out of each fruit.

Ina ends her post by saying, "It’s very satisfying to have an organized pantry! ✔️✔️." We know exactly what she’s talking about.

The cookbook author has made it a habit to use Instagram to tell her legions of followers about some best cleaning hacks around the house. Earlier this week, Ina posted a photo of a trio of beautiful vases filled with flowers and captioned the image, "Instead of making one big arrangement, it's so much easier to make small vases of flowers and just move them around until they look right." Needless to say, hers look entirely right in the photo.

In September of last year, she even used the social media platform to give some very specific cooking advice. "Summer holidays call for hot dogs!!," she wrote back then. "Instead of grilling them, we like ours cooked over an open fire [with] potato rolls, spicy Gulden's mustard and LOTS of relish."

We trust just about anything the wonderful Ina has to say, which is why we’re so excited about the release of her newest cookbook, Go-To Dinners, set to drop on October 25. 

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