The Yellowstone Season 5 cast changes you need to know about

Here is everything you need to know about the major cast changes to Yellowstone as the much-loved show returns for a fifth season

Yellowstone season 5 cast changes
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Yellowstone season 5 has just begun airing on Paramount, as the new season begins, here's what you need to know about the major cast changes

Following the success of Yellowstone season 4, fans have been desperate to watch the latest installment of the show. Now Paramount has released the first two episodes of the latest season and the series began with a bang as John Dutton was made Governor of Montana and the family attended the Governor's ball. 

Here's everything you need to know about the cast members that are leaving and returning this season.

Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner

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Yellowstone cast members

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Cast changes to Yellowstone season 5

Is Jimmy coming back to Yellowstone?

At the end of season four, Jimmy Hurdstrom, played by Jefferson White, made the decision to go back to the 6666 ranch in Texas. It is thought that the characters Jimmy, and Emily (his fiancée), could be major characters in the 6666 spin-off show, but this has not yet been confirmed. So will Jimmy be appearing in Yellowstone?

"He chose Emily, and he chose this new life in Texas, I cross my fingers that it’s smooth sailing for him because it’s a beautiful thing. It’s the first time in his life he has a little bit of agency," the actor Jefferson White who plays Jimmy told TV Line. "There’s certainly more Jimmy in store. Whether it’s Montana or Texas, you’ll have to wait and find out."

Kathryn Kelly, who plays Jimmy's fiancée Emily is now a series regular for season five, and this could be a good indicator that Jimmy is also returning to Yellowstone. However, this could also just be a transition as Emily and Jimmy ultimately make the jump to the Texas ranch in the spin-off series. 

Who died in Season 4 of Yellowstone and won't be returning

There were a number of deaths in Season 4 of Yellowstone, which means of course that these characters will not be returning to the show. If you have forgotten who passed in the fourth season, here is a quick reminder for you.

Garrett Randall was killed by Jamie in season 4 as he made the decision to side with Beth Dutton and the rest of the family. Chester ‘Checkers’ Spears is another character who won't be making it to the fifth season after he was killed by John Dutton after losing a duel. 

Roarke Morris was also killed in Yellowstone season four after Rip tricked him with a rattlesnake in a cooler, which bit Roarke in the face and he subsequently died from the venomous bite.

New cast members on Yellowstone season 5

While some actors have left the show, there are many new faces as new cast members have joined Yellowstone season 5. 

Kai Caster will be playing Rowdy, a young cowboy who works at the Yellowstone ranch. Dawn Olivieri will be playing the main villain of the season, Sarah Atwood, who has been described as  a 'corporate shark.'

Lilli Kay will portray Clara Brewer, John Dutton's new assistant now that he is Governor. Country singer Lainey Wilson, has also joined the cast as Abby, a role that was created specifically for the singer so that she could share some of her latest music.

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