How many episodes of Our House are there and will there be a season two of this sinister Louise Candlish adaptation?

Fans will be wondering how many episodes of Our House there are as Fi Lawson's nightmare goes from bad to worse...

How many episodes of Our House are there as the Tuppence Middleton drama continues
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If you’re wondering how many episodes of Our House there are until the dark mystery is finally unravelled, you’re probably not alone.

ITV is known for bringing out some of the most binge-watchable dramas around and they often showcase just how good adaptations can be, from last year’s The Long Call, inspired by Ann Cleeves’ Two Rivers series, to their latest offering, Our House. Adapted from Louise Candlish’s award-winning book of the same name, the Our House ITV cast includes Line of Duty star Martin Compston and Tuppence Middleton, who’s sure to stun in the upcoming Downton Abbey sequel.  

The ITV drama follows Fi Lawson as she finds stranger Lucy moving into her home. Only the mum-of-two never listed 91 Trinity Avenue for sale… With her estranged husband Bram unreachable, things go from bizarre to disturbing pretty quickly.

But how many episodes of Our House are there and could there be a second season of the sinister Louise Candlish adaptation? 

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How many episodes of Our House ITV are there?

It’s all too easy when we’re enjoying a brand new drama to lose track of how many installments there are until the finale. And with thrillers this is even more the case as viewers hope to see a conclusion that wraps up each intriguing plot thread in the most suspenseful way possible. Our House is no exception and for those wondering how many episodes of Our House there are, it’s only four episodes long.  

On the plus side, this of course means that we’ll find out what’s really going on with Fi and Bram’s mysterious house sale without weeks of agonizing waiting. 

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Though it also brings the show to it’s shocking conclusion far quicker than fellow thrillers like Trigger Point ITV and Vigil, meaning less time to enjoy Tuppence Middleton, Martin Compston and their fellow cast-members’ skilful performances.

All of the episodes are available to watch now on the ITV Hub, including Our House episode 4 which sees Fi finally unravel the mystery and the deadly events that lead to it. But for those patiently awaiting the finale’s air date, then remember to tune into ITV at 9pm on March 10 to see these twists and turns unfold…

Will there be an Our House season two?

*Warning: spoilers for the Our House finale ahead!*

After watching *that* unmissable Our House ending and realising how many episodes of Our House there are, there’ll likely be many fans hoping for an Our House season 2 to take the emotional plotline even further. Sadly, at the moment it looks unlikely that the ITV drama will bring back the brilliant cast for a sequel. Just so many of the best thrillers Our House was based on a book. 

Whilst this often makes for further intrigue, with book-to-show fans comparing The Holiday book ending written by T.M.Logan to the recent Channel 5 show and wondering where the Stay Close series was filmed, for Our House the ITV drama has now reached the end of Louise Candlish’s original storyline.

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Her standalone book of the same name was published in 2018 and currently has no follow-up to provide additional material for ITV to use on an Our House season two. Meanwhile, anyone who's already watched the Our House ending on the ITV Hub will also have seen the show brought to a well-rounded and utterly devastating conclusion. 

In the final scenes of episode 4, Tuppence Middleton’s talent shines through in a completely dialogue-free performance as she’s played an audio recording made by her now-late husband Bram. Attempting to protect her, he states that she’s completely innocent and was manipulated by her boyfriend Toby, who was actually Bram’s blackmailer Mike using a false identity.

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But it all comes too late as in a shocking turn of events, Fi had already confronted Mike about his deception and watched him die after lacing his wine with pills. In her desperation Fi had called her friend and neighbor Merle for help and the pair decided on a simple mantra: she’d never met Mike, he was a stranger. 

All seemed to go to plan until the police received the recording and realized Fi had been lying through her teeth and had actually been in a relationship with Toby/Mike.

The show ended with a slow, poignant panning shot from Fi gazing out the window of a police car as she is driven away to the front of 91 Trinity Avenue, the home where it all started, and ultimately, all fell apart. 

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This plotline fits with Louise Candlish’s book ending and might seem like pretty conclusive evidence an Our House season 2 won’t be announced. Though there might still be a glimmer of hope. Whilst Fi was arrested and Bram is now dead, the matter of what will happen to their children, what happened to Wendy, Bram’s second blackmailer, and Lucy who bought the house remains unresolved.  

Bram transferred the money he’d defrauded Fi out of back to her before his death, meaning she does technically have the money to buy back her house from Lucy if she’s legally allowed to use it. Meanwhile, Merle would be the obvious choice to look after the kids, but she helped Fi cover up Mike’s death. Whether she will protect Fi remains unknown as they shared a meaningful look at the end.

Even without an Our House book sequel, the ITV drama could pick these plot threads up in a second season. Following on from the show’s success, it’s also possible that Louise could explore Fi’s life further in a new book at some point. 

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In Martin’s view, however, it’s far better to keep Our House 4 episodes long and avoid a “bad sequel”. Opening up to he stated, “I think these days, people are far too afraid to just let something be - I think you can run the risk of spoiling a great original with a bad sequel, and I've seen that happen several times."

He continued, "I think there is something psychological in your head when you go, 'this is it, this is the one-off drama', and you commit to it fully, and we're not coming back. I think there's something really appealing in that as an actor, you know, where we just knew this is a one-off, and we're all in and then it's done. 

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"There's something really exciting about that as well because you're not going to get a second chance to address everything that goes wrong in the first, so you're really committed,” Martin added.

If an Our House season 2 is ever commissioned, given Bram’s death in the show it’s unlikely Martin would return as a cast member. And with no word yet on a renewal it seems most likely that fans are enjoying the first and only season of the ITV show. 

Now you know how many episodes of Our House there are, there’s never been a better time to catch up on all the moments you might not have noticed and enjoy the many other dark dramas making their presence felt in 2022.

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