Vigil: What happened in the finale and will there be another series?

Now that the first season on Vigil has concluded, fans are wondering if there is more in store...

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Vigil's first season concluded last night and now fans are wondering if they will be able to look forward to another installment of the show.

After six episodes of Vigil, the explosive submarine drama concluded on Sunday. The final episode tied up all the loose ends from the series and gave some of the Vigil cast members the happy ending they deserved.

However, now that the series has concluded, many fans are wondering if they can expect a second season of the submarine drama. Here is everything you need to know about Vigil Season 2...

Vigil season 2—is it happening?

Fans are desperate for a second season of Vigil. One fan tweeted, "I don't care what the second season is about, just give me a second season #Vigil." Another tweeted, "I want a second season now pls #vigil."

Another fan was very confident that there would be a second season, "Great finale to Vigil, was a big step up from last week I would imagine we will get a second season."

When asked if fans can look forward to a second season the BBC told woman&home that there is, "no news at this early stage." However, some of the show's producers have commented on the possibility of a second season.

Writer and creator Tom Edge said in an interview with Yahoo!, “We had a blast doing it and there are some incredibly talented cast playing characters that we all enjoyed getting to know.

"So I think there are lots of possibilities and if we’re lucky enough to get to explore them further, then that would be terrific. It was a pleasure making this one, and great to get back on board whatever we did next.”


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Would Suranne Jones appear in Vigil season 2?

Suranne Jones starred in this drama series as DCI Amy Silva and fans loved watching the actress in action. This is't the first time Suranne has starred as the protaganist in a BBC One drama series, the actress also starred as the eponymous character in shows such as Gentleman Jack and Doctor Foster.

Suranne has not made any comments that would suggest she would reprise her role in the series. However, if a second season was commissioned, it is expected that as the lead character, Suranne Jones, would return to the role of Amy. 

Vigil series starring Suranne Jones

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What happened in the Vigil finale?

The fifth episode of Vigil ended with a cliffhanger as Amy was trapped within a torpedo tube that was quickly filling with water.

Ultimately Prentice saved Amy from the tube after she used morse code to signal to the team that she was trapped. Soon after rescuing Amy and discovering that Doward was the spy, Prentice saved Amy and took Doward on in a fight. Prentice was murdered by Doward who stabbed him multiple times in the chest and back. 

Doward then chased Amy across the boat and ended up in the control room with a knife at Amy's throat. After the submarine lurched into action, Doward was thrown off balance and members of the crew were able to hold him down as Amy arrested him. 

The Vigil then surfaced and the coxswain Elliot Glover, who had been exposed to a nerve agent, was given immediate medical care.

On land, Doward confessed that his aim was to make the Vigil surface so that Russia could take credit for disabling the UK's nuclear deterrent and influence the upcoming vote on Trident’s funding. It was suggested that Doward would be prosecuted for his actions and would receive a very long prison sentence.

Later, Amy and DS Kirsten Longacre, finally had a happy ending together as they held hands and went to visit Amy's daughter Poppy together. 

Although the series finale managed to tie up all of the loose ends, we are still hopeful that the BBC will commission a second season of the show that has had us hooked for weeks.

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