How many more episodes of Vigil will there be as the latest episode ends on *that* crazy cliffhanger

After the explosive events of Vigil episode 5, just how many episodes are left?

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Since Vigil episode 5 debuted many of us are wondering how many more episodes of the series we can enjoy after that shock ending.

The BBC series Vigil debuted a few weeks ago and already has the nation hooked. The drama series, starring Suranne Jones as DCI Amy Silva, focuses on a police investigation into a murder on a submarine called HMS Vigil.

The series comes from the producers of Line of Duty so if you can't wait for Line of Duty season 7 and you're a fan of other thrillers such as Nine Perfect Strangers and Behind Her Eyes, then you'll love this show. 

*Be warned, this article contains spoilers*

How many more episodes of Vigil will there be?

The fifth episode of the drama series has already aired on BBC One, and after an explosive episode, many are wondering how many more episodes are left? 

In total there are six episodes of Vigil, meaning there is only one episode left. The final episode will air on Sunday, September 26, 2021.


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Does Amy die in Vigil?

In Vigil episode 5, it seemed that DCI Amy Silva was about to be murdered by Doward. Amy was knocked out cold by CPO Matthew Doward and when she regained consciousness she was locked in a torpedo tube that was beginning to fill with water.

The event bought back memories of the car crash that killed her partner. As the episode ended it looked like Silva might drown in the tube, but is she fated to die?

This show has fooled many of us before. After discovering Martin Compston was involved in the series, many assumed that he would be playing a lead character. However, within 10 minutes of the show, Martin's character was killed off. 

Many fans would be disappointed if the show decided to kill off their lead character. However, given the shocking twists and turns of Vigil so far, this may be on-brand for the show. Ultimately we will have to wait until next week to find out if Silva survives the ordeal.

Vigil BBC series starring Suranne Jones

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Who is Matthew Doward in Vigil?

Matthew Doward is a devious character played by Lorne MacFadyen. Lorne is best known for his work on the series Shetland as Angus Tulloch and the film Outlaw King as Neil Bruce.

We were first introduced to the shifty character in the first episode when the hostile CPO joined Silva in her helicopter ride to the submarine and was generally unhelpful when it came to answering her questions.

In episode 5 it was revealed that Matthew was in fact the Russian double agent on board. At the end of the episode, Matthew revealed himself as the traitor when he attempted to murder Amy after she discovered a note blackmailing Jackie.

It is expected that Matthew Doward's identity will be revealed in the sixth episode, but only if Amy manages to survive the rising waters in the torpedo tube.

What time is Vigil on?

New episodes of Vigil debut on BBC One at 9pm every Sunday. All episodes are currently available to stream on BBC iplayer. 

The synopsis for the sixth and final episode of the show reads, "Amy is trapped and running out of time. On land, Kirsten chases down the traitor's accomplice. When the traitor on Vigil puts their plans into action, the crew are forced to fight for their lives."

We can't wait!

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