Viewers spot something very unusual about Holly Willoughby’s This Morning outfit today

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby was back on the This Morning sofa earlier, and fans spotted something odd about her outfit.

The stylish TV presenter took to Instagram to share her usual outfit of the day snap, looking georgeous in a leather skirt from Zara and roll neck top from H&M.

Fans were quick to gush about her great outfit, with one saying, ‘Oh my days. Love love love this outfit’.

Another added, ‘Love this look, stunning 💗’.

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However, while Holly was interviewing Paris Fury – boxer Tyson’s wife – on This Morning, fans spotted something rather unusual.

The two women seemed to actually be wearing the same skirt!

One viewer wrote on Twitter, 'Holly and paris wearing same skirt ? #thismorning'

Another added, 'Holly & Paris are skirt twins!!!'

A third also wrote, ‘Paris and Holly #twinning with the skirts'.

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While this could happen to any of us at the office, we must confess it’s funnier to see it on national TV!

Paris was on the show to discuss her upcoming documentary with husband Tyson – ITV's three-part documentary Tyson Fury: The Gypsy King - and opened up about what it’s like to see her husband fight in the ring.

“It’s very difficult. I remember years ago used to say to me, ‘smile, you’re on camera’ and I was like ‘no, the person I love is getting punched in the ring, I’m not smiling’”, she said.

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“It’s very hard but you just have to accept it because it’s something that he wanted to do but as you’re watching I take every punch he takes. I’m cringing inside.”

When Holly confessed that she doesn’t know how Paris does it, she added, “It’s hard and it’s getting harder because every fight is harder because it’s a harder level.”

She also opened up about her worries that a loss coud have a negative effect on Tyson's mental health.

She told This Morning, "I never think of him going to lose. He always goes to win and that's how we want to think of things - that he's going in there positive.

"The truth of it is that it's 50-50. When you go into a fight, especially at this level, it's very dangerous and there is always a chance of serious injury. That is very worrying for me, I don't think he actually thinks about it!

"And with his mental health and with the problems that came with him retiring in the past, it's sort of always been an ongoing problem, with Tyson having mental health issues.

"We only found out when he got diagnosed a couple of years ago.

"Its hard because you worry if he lost or of is he loses that dedication towards boxing, would he sink back to those lows?"

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