Full Moon April 2023 in Libra is waking up your inner love goddess - especially for these signs

We’re talking major queen energy during the Full Moon April 2023 in the Venus-ruled sign of Libra so ready yourself for love in all its forms

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If there’s any truth to the saying that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, then the astrology of the Full Moon April 2023 is certainly a testament to the fact. Yes, we’ve been under the mercy of some major planetary shakeups in the sky – and that’s certainly translated to some personal and political dustups down here on earth. 

Luckily for us, with a keen emphasis on the word luck, the stars are giving us a bit of a reprieve during this very pleasant, but no less powerful, date in the Moon calendar 2023. Say hello to Aries season 2023 energy, am I right?

Mark your diaries for April 6, 2023, because on this day at 12:34 AM EST, the Moon in Libra will form an opposition to the Sun in Aries, which magnifies the Moon’s luminosity and strength. The difference between a New Moon and Full Moon is that Full Moons are always times of big reveals and stunning conclusions, where what was once hidden comes to light. 

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With this Full Moon April 2023 in Libra, the sign of the scales of justice, the stars are conjuring up themes of balance and diplomacy. Note that the sign of Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and relationships. It is Venus who is having an intense conversation with the Fixed Star Algol, which means that during this Full Moon, relationships with powerful women will take on prominence. 

Whether that’s a female celebrity, public figure, or political leader dominating the headlines or women in your personal life taking center stage, like your mother, sister, or close friend. If you’ve been wanting to welcome more love in your life, fix an estranged relationship or friendship, or just enjoy more of life’s simple pleasures, embodying the principles and personality of harmony-seeking Venus is just what the stars are calling on you to do.

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Know that if relationships have been fraught recently, the Full Moon April 2023 is all about extending that proverbial olive branch as during this time. The Sun is connected to the gifted healer and teacher, the asteroid Chiron, and jovial Jupiter. Jupiter is a planer that can help us have breakthroughs when it comes to self-acceptance, personal healing, relationship repair, and financial gains. 

Enjoy this Full Moon, and remember your Full Moon rituals, as it's packed with tons of celestial insights and blessings for us to access and is a powerful moment in 2023 astrology.

Here's how the Full Moon of April 2023 will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

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As the ruler of the Full Moon April 2023, Venus, the Goddess of Love is putting a huge spotlight on your partnerships as all this activity is firmly centered in your seventh house of love. While the intensity of a Full Moon can certainly cause bubbling tensions to come roaring to the surface, there is a blessing in any conflict that arises at this time. That is because there is a mutual desire between you and your loved one to reach a compromise that works for both of you – so by honestly and openly addressing your hurts or challenges, you can finally move past them. Trust that it will work out for the best, Aries.


In between the thrills of a budding new romance and the certainty of commitment is where the real building blocks of love form. That’s why this Full Moon in your sixth house of routines is highlighting for you, Taurus. It’s not the sexiest stuff, but it’s not less important to the foundations of a true partnership. Venus, the goddess of love and harmony, is calling on you to find beauty in the mundane. In coordinating schedules to see each other or running errands together and all the little micro-moments that don’t appear in romance novels. That’s where you’ll find real joy and appreciation – if you can make that mindset shift.


It’s time for you to let your inner love goddess shine, Gemini. With this Full Moon in your fifth house of romance, it’s time to bring see what you bring to the table in your dating life. Between your beauty, charm, wit, humor, and intelligence, it’s clear - you’re the total package. And you deserve to be with someone who sees that. This Full Moon reminds you that it’s never been about being perfect to find partnership – you’re whole as you are. But it is about finding someone who sees the real you, understands your hurts and insecurities, and helps you through them, not make you feel worse about them or pretend they don’t exist. That’s what true love is about.


During this Full Moon in your fourth house of home and family, comfort, and security will be on your mind. If tensions have been brewing at home, the dominant role that Venus, goddess of love and harmony, is playing during this lunation is offering you the chance for some major healing and breakthroughs. Home is supposed to be a place of sanctuary. Family is supposed to provide comfort. But for that to be the baseline, it requires active participation and cooperation from everyone involved, and unfortunately, that’s not always the case. This Full Moon will show you areas where more give and take is needed to make the home unit feel more cohesive.


Words matter – and no one knows this more than you right now. Have you been impeccable with your word? Are there ones you wish you could take back or say in another way? With Venus ruling this Full Moon taking place in your third house of communication, it’s a reminder that it’s never too late to say what you might have said. It doesn’t mean the person will receive it any differently. It doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily accept your apology. But what it does mean is that your integrity matters – as does your ability to acknowledge where you’re learning, growing, and aiming to do better. And that’s all you ever can do, Leo.


It’s time to cast aside any vestiges of a scarcity mindset – and embrace the abundance that is coming towards you. With Venus ruling the April Full Moon 2023 in your second house of finances, you’re being called to step up and assert your power and know your worth. This could look like a necessary conversation with a boss or employer, it could be time you talk to a financial planner, or it could be that you finally give yourself permission to buy something you want – even if you don’t entirely need it. Life is about balance – and you’re owed a moment that’s about you. That’s filled with pleasure. That’s rooted in receiving generosity from others – perhaps even the Universe itself. Embrace it, Virgo.  


During this Full Moon in Libra in your first house of the self, the stars are gently pushing you to take up space. You deserve to have your needs acknowledged – and met. Relationships could have found you over-giving without reciprocity. While your generous spirit can be seemingly limitless, even you may have reached a point of wondering who or what all this energy is taking out of you. Balance is just that – equally weighted effort from both sides. People-pleasing may give you a short-term sense of control or validation, but it comes at the cost of your long-term peace. With your ruling planet Venus fully in command of this lunation, she’s urging you to be open to receive, too.

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You’ve learned some hard lessons about compromise, Scorpio. Perhaps you’ve confronted a shadow side to a partner – or discovered one within yourself. The light of this Full Moon in your twelfth house of the subconscious means that while you can’t unsee what’s difficult or unpleasant in yourself or others, denying it or ignoring it doesn’t serve you either. The questions on your mind: where has my avoidance gotten me? Is anxious thinking helping or hurting? Who loses when I bet against myself and my own abilities and strengths? This Full Moon is an invitation for integration. Your shadow is not shameful. It just needs to be acknowledged so you know who and what you’re working with moving forward.


With a Full Moon in your eleventh house of networks, you can reframe your relationship with your circles – especially the digital ones. Everyone’s relationship with social media has radically transformed over the last several years – and the stars are now magnifying this for you, Sagittarius. You’re being asked to balance where your online presence helps you feel more connected, have greater access to personal opportunities, and get exposure to new points of view – and where it leaves you feeling lonely, like an imposter, or not good enough. As the ruler of the Full Moon April 2023, Venus is asking you to prioritize the pleasurable parts and reframe the parts that leave you feeling disempowered from this point forward.


You’ve reached a turning point in your career, Capricorn. At the culmination of this Full Moon in your tenth house of reputation, you’re placing careful consideration on how you are seen and regarded by others – and more importantly, by yourself. A change has likely been on your mind. You may be considering that just because you’re good at what you do, doesn’t meant that you need to do it forever. Or just because a precedent has been set, that you are obligated to continue it. Balance is in order – between your head and your heart and your personal wishes and public persona. Act on what you know – and what you want.


Win or lose, what matters is how you act in either scenario. Are you a gracious winner – or loser? Do you admit when you’re wrong? Can you? How about when you’re proven right? Are your conversations equal give and take or does one side dominate? The Full Moon April 2023 is in your ninth house of beliefs and isn’t asking you to question what you hold dear or believe to be true. Instead, it’s asking you if your identification with that thought or viewpoint is allowing more points of connection and camaraderie with others – or if it’s creating a chasm between you. Use your powerful intellect to build bridges, after all, thoughts are meant to be shared.


Karma is active in your chart right now, Pisces. With this Full Moon in your eighth house of karmic obligations, you’re liking thinking about your recent exchanges, whether that’s financial, familial, or sexual. What do you owe other people – is it your time, presence, and engagement? What do they owe you – is it respect, curiosity, and honesty? You’ve been shown things over the past several months, and it’s time to take action on the conclusions, however reluctant, that you’ve drawn. You can’t unsee it. You can’t undo it. But you can decide how you’ll move forward with the information you’ve received. Embody the present goddess energy. Allow that to guide your next steps.

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