Chiron Retrograde 2022 opens old wounds: Are you ready to face them and move forward? Your zodiac forecast

Chiron Retrograde 2022 exposes old traumas and although tackling them head-on isn't easy - doing so may truly set you free

Chiron retrograde 2022: Gas nebula in a star field in a distant part of the galaxy.
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As Chiron retrograde 2022 kicks off, you may notice that painful past experiences are coming to the fore. However, as you'll learn, this may be an opportunity to propel yourself forward.

Although Mercury retrograde 2022 gets all the press in the list of astrological events in 2022, there are a myriad of planets whose backspin shake things up a bit. One example is Jupiter retrograde 2022, which kicked off only shortly before Chiron retrograde 2022.

Chiron is a name that doesn’t get mentioned often in non-astrological circles. And unlike other celestial centaur phrases, like ‘Sagittarius’ perhaps, most folk would struggle to pronounce it, even if they do a good job of spelling it.

Named after the centaur Chiron (Ch sounds like K, rhymes with Byron), who was wiser and more civilized than any of the other half-man, half-horse creatures of Greek mythology, this minor planet, previously thought of as an asteroid, represents the wounded healer. Those wounds, the parts of ourselves where we carry the most trauma, are what bring us to over-compensate in specific areas.

The character of Chiron in the myths was well learned and gifted. He was a healer, an astrologer, a musician, a botanist, and used to teach his skills to babies and children. He’s a very inspirational character, showing us how he transitioned from having been born a beast, to being revered for his wisdom many centuries later.

This celestial body, which is somewhat a comet, somewhat a minor planet, isn’t particularly fast-moving. It only transitions from each sign to the next every few years and stays in each sign between one and eight years, which means that we share our Chiron qualities, our wounds, with everyone we’ve been to school with.


Chiron retrograde 2022: The Soul Nebula (IC 1848, Sh2-199)) is the large hydrogen, sulfur and oxygen gas cloud in the constellation of Cassiopeia. The nebula is 7,500 light years away from Earth. Amateur image, total exposure time 57 hours.

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Chiron stays in each sign for a long time, for example, Chiron is in Aries from February 18, 2019 until June 19, 2026, which means it influences a large intake of new babies whose natal charts will include this particular placement.

Those babies born when Chiron is in Aries will be resilient. Aries is a strong, fiery sign, and gets through the wounded healer stage at breakneck speed. With Chiron in Aries in your chart, you will heal fast medically, and won’t take things to heart emotionally.

The influence of Chiron in Aries globally, over the years it spends in that sign, means that as a society, our collective ability to heal is refreshed, and we bounce back from disaster after disaster, ready for the next punch.

But even though Chiron’s stay in each sign is long, the retrogrades are short.

When we say that a planet goes retrograde, meaning it goes backward in the sky, this isn’t entirely literal. As we observe the planets from our favorite spot on Earth, each of them will be cruising its own orbit, always moving forward, always in the same direction.

But from Earth, a planet may appear to be going backward for a period, because Earth moves too, and may move in the opposite direction. In astrological terms, the retrograde planet repeats parts of signs that it had already visited a short time before.

When a planet goes retrograde, we get to experience the shadow aspect of its regular influence. So when Chiron goes direct, it shows us our wound, and what we can do to heal it. But when retrograde, Chiron would have us go deep into the source of our inner anguish, sink into every painful memory and every trigger, so that we can come face-to-face with our wound, before we are ready to move forward and heal again.

The short period of the Chiron retrograde allows us to do some deep inner work, knowing that this period will soon end.

The previous Chiron retrograde occurred between the dates of July 16, 2021 and December 19, 2021, and similarly to this Chiron retrograde of 2022, it was also in Aries. Cast your mind back and see which emotional deposits took center stage at that time. Which wounds remained exposed back then? The same challenges could present themselves again now.


Chiron retrograde 2022:

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Chiron appears to stand still in the sky, and then starts to move backward from July 19, 2022. This starts the retrograde. Mark the date, since Chiron has to do with trauma from the past, you don’t want to be under-prepared when a damaging message from an old school friend pops up, or you start having sweaty nightmares again.

The shadow phase, which is the time during which Chiron makes its way through Aries at the same locations that it will later reverse, starts on March 26, 2022. Watch out for feelings of unease or a period of quiet contemplation.

Chiron goes direct on December 23, 2022, which marks the end of the retrograde, but it’s not exactly over yet.

Even though open and upfront conversations about emotional situations may not carry on as before, or with the same kind of fervor and zeal, there will still be a good amount of healing taking place in the post-retrograde shadow, while Chiron retraces its steps through the degrees of Aries which it has covered while it was going backward, until April 15, 2023. Almost in time for the next one!


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The Chiron retrograde is a very demanding period. This is a time of thinking and remembering. Things that upset you in the past, things that trigger you still now, all ask for your attention and want to be noticed. Ignore them, and they’ll come at you harder. Embrace them, and they will go.

Quiet contemplation will help. Take a journal and a fresh pen, and start writing down how you feel, or talk it out if you can. You will be feeling quite vulnerable during this retrograde, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to inspect what it is that makes you feel uncertain, and take steps toward resolving those emotions.

Depending on how accepting you are of your wounds, you will either benefit from this period or find it upsetting. 

Remember that you are you, and that is more than enough.


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Read your sun sign and your moon sign to see how the Chiron retrograde of  2022 affects your emotions. If you know your rising sign, read that as well.


Since this entire retrograde is in your own personal sign, Aries, and not for the first time in recent memory, you will resent the length of time this will take. Usually, you prefer to deal with a wound there and then, whatever it takes. Whether it’s a difficult phone call to a parent, or booking a skydive to take care of your fear of heights once and for all, you’re a results-oriented sign. Let repetition be your healer, don’t be afraid to think about the past.


As a quiet and elegant sign, Taurus, you do your healing behind closed doors. You’re happy to look into your emotional history and search for the wound, but you don’t need an audience. Since the retrograde is likely to make your healing journey rather public, it’s good to be prepared. Answer all questions quickly, to make sure it’s over before it has started.


You enjoy laughter, Gemini, not navel-gazing and talking about the past. If the story ain’t funny, you ain’t interested. Chiron will pull you out of this constant party, and into a place of contemplation. There’s no need to wallow, you just have to listen to your own stories, accept that trauma occurred, and let the universe heal it. Your participation is minimal! Try to stop resisting.


The wounded healer and you are not so different, Cancer. Just like Chiron, you enjoy taking care of others and making them better, while forgetting to take care of you. Just like Chiron, you create systems and ideas which benefit everyone and don’t look for glory or payment. Use this retrograde time to try and figure out why? Why do you always come last in your own pecking order? 


Proud and confident, you hate to admit to weaknesses, Leo. But we all got ‘em! Looking into your soul and finding what it is that makes you sad, what it is that makes you stressed, is a gift to yourself. When you find out what can destroy you, you can then repair it, so that you may become even more invincible. Healing is good for you in the long run.


Everything is out in the open with you anyway, Virgo. Honestly is the best policy, and you like to be upfront. However, perfectionist that you are, you struggle to admit to having issues. True, you work hard on healing yourself, but we’ve all still got work to do, even you! This Chiron retrograde, don’t bury your head in the sand. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable, and drink up all the healing on offer.


You judge yourself harshly, Libra, and always feel like you could try harder, you could do better. This Chiron retrograde phase could save you. Where is the inner perfectionist coming from? Who taught you to value yourself only when you add value to others? Treating your wound as if it’s your superpower won’t change it! But self love will heal you.


You’re no stranger to looking to the past for inspiration, Scorpio. You love taking journeys in your mind, back into your childhood, replaying scenes in your mind. You are very much the wounded healer, and the whole of Scorpio season is in Chiron retrograde, which makes you feel at home during those introspective months.


Your centaur symbol which represents your sign, Sagittarius, is meant to be Chiron, so you are close relatives with this minor planet. There is nothing minor about the gifts of the centaur. Chiron, in Greek mythology, was wise and just, skilled in pharmacy and botany, he could turn his hand to anything, just like you. The retrograde season is the right time for you to stand still, and make peace with childhood trauma. It’s not your idea of fun, but it’s worth the effort.


Practical and forthright, dealing with childhood nightmares is not part of your plan, Capricorn. However, when Chiron goes retrograde, you don’t get a choice. Promise yourself a treat, a reward if you go through it, to motivate that inner child, and if you feel you need some help, schedule a call with the best therapist or hypnotist you can find. Make the healing into a treat, too.


The Aquarius Full Moon on August 11 is a moment of empowerment for you within the Chiron retrograde. You feel strong and full of light. Your supportive, humanitarian nature means that you so often prioritize others ahead of yourself. This could well be your wound. Think back, were your needs sidelined when you were small? In healing this wound, and increasing your self-worth, you’ll be better placed to support others, so everybody wins.


As a natural healer, Pisces, you’ve done the self-work so many times. Whether you heal people spiritually, or just by being there for them, listening, hugging, and holding space for them, the outcome is the same. And to become such a great listener, you had to allow your inner self to be listened to and accepted. This retrograde is just another exciting opportunity to open up.

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