Cameron Diaz on why she prefers vineyard work over Hollywood

Former actor Cameron Diaz talks about her organic wine brand and why she prefers vineyard work over Hollywood

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"My life is completely different than when I was making movies," former actor Cameron Diaz said in a new interview in which she also discussed her wine brand Avaline's newest product, a canned wine. "It's [...] just different. A lot less travel, a lot more sleep, my skin's clearer because I don't have so much makeup on all the time."

Cameron, who revealed she feels "whole" after retiring from acting in 2018, launched Avaline with friend and now-business partner Katherine Power back in 2020, smack-dab in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The duo came up with the concept while discussing the importance of mindfulness. "We were talking about how we were being more mindful about what was going into our bodies and on our bodies, and we looked at the wine bottle and were reminded that it's one of the only consumables without nutritional facts or serving information," Katherine recalled in an interview with Harper's Bazaar. "And we just thought, 'Hey, we're buying organic groceries, we're choosing clean skincare products and nontoxic household products. And [with wine], we just kind of said to ourselves, 'This is just grapes, right?'"

As a result, all of Avaline's wines are clean and made with organic grapes—and the duo behind the brand even flew to Europe before launch to meet with winemakers and organic grape farmers. 

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Carrying incredibly good wines that you can also buy to celebrate Easter this year, Avaline is now found across 5,000 retail locations and is just about to debut a new product: wine in a can.

Rosé cans 12 pack ($84) | Avaline

Rosé cans 12 pack <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">($84) | Avaline

Light and fresh, with notes of melon and zest.

The new offering comes in two flavors, a French rosé and a citrusy sharp white. In this case, the packaging is just as important to the business owners as what’s inside.


(Image credit: Avaline)

"Honestly the cans are about convenience," said Cameron. "The other night, I was meeting a girlfriend of mine that I knew wasn't going to have any wine, and usually for a dinner, I would take a bottle of wine, but I knew she wasn't going to have any. So I just grabbed a can and popped it in my bag and took it to dinner, and that was, like, the perfect amount for me for the evening, the perfect serving—and it literally fit in my fanny pack." Consumers can expect a bit less than two glasses of wine per can. 

Of course, this is a big departure from the bells and whistles of Hollywood—but Cameron seems to be incredibly at ease in her new starring role as a business owner and wine connoisseur. 

"I mean everything about my life is different," she said. "The pace of this business is there's something new all the time, so it keeps us pretty busy in what we participate in.”

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