Britain’s Got Talent divides fans as professional singer Loren Allred receives golden buzzer

Britain’s Got Talent divides fans as Amanda Holden awards a professional singer with the Golden buzzer after singing 'Never Enough'

Britain’s Got Talent divides fans
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Britain’s Got Talent divided fans last night as Loren Allred was awarded the golden buzzer, despite many arguing that she is already a famous singer.

Although Strictly Come Dancing may have finished in December, and fans have to wait until Autumn for the next installment of The Great British Bake Off, another competition has caught the attention of fans as Britain's Got Talent kicked off with another series on the Easter weekend.

On Britain's Got Talent on Saturday, April 16, 2022, Loren Allred appeared on stage to sing her well-known song 'Never Enough,' which became famous after appearing on The Greatest Showman soundtrack.  

The judges failed to recognize the star as she told them on stage, "I think some of you guys have actually heard my voice but you don't know my face." The judges were confused until Loren added, "I sand the song Never Enough on The Greatest Showman," to which Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden replied, "Oh my God."

The star revealed she was 'ready to put a face to the song,' and then impressed judges with her incredible vocals, for which she received a standing ovation from the audience.

While standing to applaud the singer, Amanda Holden hit the golden buzzer with both hands, immediately catapulting the singer to the semi-finals of the show. Amanda then went on stage to hug the singer and congratulate her for her fantastic performance.

Although fans all agreed that this was a showstopping performance, many were confused as to why the professional singer was on the show. Britain's Got Talent is a show for amateur talent and many argued that as Loren was already a top-selling singer because of her appearance on The Greatest Showman's soundtrack, she should not have been on the show.

"Loren Allred auditioning on BGT is surely like Messi showing up for a Sunday pub mates footie match? #BGT" said one fan on Twitter.

"I'm sorry #BGT but surely everyone knows who Loren Allred is, Simon's astonished face isn't fooling anyone. She just got back from touring with Michael Bublé and Andrea Bocelli," said another fan.

Another Britain's Got Talent viewer posted images of Loren's net worth and argued that the star was well known and already had huge success.

Yet another fan argued, "Loren Allred is exactly why people are stopping watching Britain's got talent, what used to be just normal people following a dream are now calculated greedy individuals looking to boost their career, it’s unfair on all other participants #bgt"

Despite the negativity, there were many who were supportive of the singer and everyone agreed that Loren had a gorgeous voice and had a fantastic audition. 

Britain's Got Talent will continue on Sunday, April 17 on ITV at 7.35pm. 

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