Are Jack and Tori from MAFS Australia still together?

Jack and Tori were one of the most talked about couples of season 11

Married At First Sight Australia: Jack and Tori were one of the most talked about couples on MAFS
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Now that the final episode of Married At First Sight Australia has aired, we're all wondering if Jack and Tori are still together. They were one of season 11's most notorious couples and the rest of the contestants were adamant they wouldn't last, despite MAFS bride Tori insisting she trusted her husband's motives. 

If you’ve only just discovered how to watch Married at First Sight Australia, we'll quickly catch you up. The contestants are matched up by professional matchmakers - called 'the experts' - who then create a programme of tasks aimed at fast-tracking their relationships. Whilst the weddings in Married at First Sight Australia aren’t legally binding, many of the couples do go on to have real relationships in the outside world - and some have even managed to go on to have actual weddings and start a family together.  

Jack and Tori faced some of the most challenges as a couple, largely due to Jack's questionable behaviour throughout the show and Tori's steadfast approach to standing by him, even amid claims that he had a secret relationship outside of the experiment and after he told fellow groom Jono to "muzzle" his wife, Lauren.

Against the odds, Jack and Tori made a pledge to each other during final vows to continue their relationship. 

Now the final commitment ceremony has aired in the UK we know who managed to go the distance and who couldn't make it work. But we also have all the details on whether Tori and Jack from Married at First Sight Australia are still together to this day and what the latest on their relationship is. 

*Warning: Spoilers for Married at First Sight Australia season 11 ahead*

Are Jack and Tori from MAFS Australia still together? 

Married At First Sight Australia fans might be surprised to hear that Tori and Jack are still together. The couple received a lot of flack from both their fellow couples and the experts, who doubted Jack's intentions. 

The last we saw of Jack, a personal trainer from the Gold Coast, and Tori, a business development manager from Victoria, was at the final commitment ceremony, where the couple dramatically stormed out after their time on the couch. Tori, in particular, was visibly upset after the judges claimed that she "ignored" Jack's bad behaviour. 

Speaking about why the shock exit occurred, Jack told Today Extra (via The Mirror), "We sat down [at the reunion] and we had about a 20-minute video of every single lowlight. There was many, many happy moments. They just weren't seen and shared. And I think Tori had had enough. She didn't feel like we're going to get any justice sitting on that couch answering these questions any longer."

Jack had repeatedly made comments about his lack of sexual attraction for Tori, which was reflected in what he dubbed their "low-lights" video during the MAFS Australia final commitment ceremony. Since then, it would appear that the couple has gone from strength to strength, with Tori recently sharing a picture of herself and Jack alongside the caption, "Jack Dunkley, you are my whole world."

Since leaving the show, personal trainer Jack has also been very active on social media, with a series of posts about Tori. Before the final scenes had even aired, Jack posted a picture of himself and Tori on a double date alongside the caption, "A couple of boys with their queens." The pictures show firstly a shot of the two couples posing for the camera, then another shot with both couples kissing. 

Jack also posted a reel dedicated to the couple, showing various snapshots of their life together - including plenty of time at the gym. Jack captioned the video, "Sharing life is always better."

All episodes of Married at First Sight Australia season 11 are available to stream now on Channel 4.

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