Amy Adams stuns in Netflix's new thriller 'The Woman in the Window' trailer based on the controversial bestseller

'Don't go looking into other people's houses. You won't like what you see'

Amy Adams
(Image credit: John Phillips/Getty Images for BFI)

Poking into your neighbor's business is never a good idea, and Amy Adams' starring role in The Woman in the Window is proof. 

It's been two years since we received a glimpse into the thriller-turned movie. Now, however, Netflix is keeping us on the edge of our seats with the release of the film's second trailer. The intense psychological torture plaguing Amy's character is making us awfully impatient for the May 14 release.  

Watch the Woman in the Window trailer

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The thriller-turned film—like many other projects—has been delayed due to COVID-19. Originally, it was scheduled for a May 2020 theatrical release, but now it will air on the streaming platform beginning in May. Like the novel, the movie will focus on an agoraphobic woman in New York City who believes she's witnessed the murder of a neighbor and new friend (played by Julianne Moore).

Like Anna (Amy's character), you'll begin to question what really happened. Did she watch a murder unfold, or will she believe the people who are claiming that her psychiatric state is making her hallucinate?  

To add an element of intrigue, the story comes on the heels of author A.J. Finn's controversial foray into the publishing world. A.J., whose real name is Dan Mallory, garnered quite a bit of attention for the release of his novel. However, once The New Yorker famously revealed his "trails of deception" and how he took advantage of the publishing world, outlooks on the author began to change. 

It appears, in some ways, that life can imitate art. Be sure to catch the film on May 14 on Netflix. 

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