Adele’s latest announcement leaves fans baffled as she admits she ‘went a bit crazy’

You do you, Adele!

Adele's latest announcement has fans bemused
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Picture it: you’re Adele. One of the most accomplished and awarded singers of modern time.

You’ve sold out your hugely popular Las Vegas residency for weeks to come. How do you celebrate?

Travelling around the world’s luxury hotels? Investing in a collection of designer bags?

Well, not quite.

Adele is 'addicted' to Christmas villages - not exactly rock'n'roll

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Adele proved you can take the girl out of England but you can’t take England out of the girl as she revealed she’s become obsessed with… miniature Christmas villages.

Particularly light-up ones, or ones designed to capture Victorian England scenes.

“You’re going to think I’m an old woman. I went on eBay and suddenly discovered light-up miniature Christmas villages. I went a bit crazy. I’ve spent a lot of money,” the Rolling in the Deep star told a bemused audience over the weekend.

Adele added, “Then I found a Dickens one with loads of London landmarks. I got a bit addicted… really, my main goal is to figure out some kind of socket situation to plug in all the wires.”

Understandably, considering fans were watching Adele perform in Las Vegas during the height of summer, this revelation had many of them wondering ‘what the dickens…’

Forget jewels or other diva tokens - Adele is all about the miniature village

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Each to their own, as they say, and the multiple Grammy winner has made more than enough money to spend some on Christmas villages.

The Someone Like You chanteuse’s 60-show deal to perform at The Colosseum in Las Vegas is rumoured to net her a guaranteed $105 million, sources close to the singer allegedly told the New York Post.

The Post add that, at that maths, it works out that Adele is making around $1.75M (£1.3M) per appearance.

The news comes as another source close to the singer has shared another quirky custom she’s adopted – but this one is very sweet.

Adele, it’s reported in The Mirror, likes to start every one of her appearances by kissing a picture of Celine Dion.

Adele also reportedly has a quirky custom involving Celine Dion

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The source told the publication, “Adele [has] a kiss with Celine. It has become a little superstition before a show. She walks from the dressing room underneath the stage up some steps where a giant framed picture of Celine is - and she plants a little smooch on it for luck.”

As the Canadian icon continues to battle the effects of a rare neurological disorder, Stiff Person Syndrome, having Adele pay tribute each night must be a little moment of bliss.

After all, many people credit Celine for essentially reinventing the concept of Las Vegas residencies.

She was one of the first major stars to sign up for long-term residencies at the hotels, rebranding performing on the strip from something one would do when they might be considered past their prime to a full on extravaganza.

Celine signed her legendary deal with Caesar’s Palace after taking some time out of the spotlight to raise her son.

The residency – A New Day – took place in a theatre designed especially for her concerts. It helped bring lots of other huge pop stalwarts to the strip – including Shania Twain and later Britney Spears – and now Adele.   

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