Adele and Lizzo reveal the controversial way they drink wine together

We want an invitation to an Adele and Lizzo wine night!

Adele and Lizzo wine
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Adele and Lizzo may have some explaining to do to wine connoisseurs around the world.

Ask any wine snob what the most sacrilegious method of drinking wine is, and you'll get a plethora of answers. Some may say "straight out of the bottle," or, "in a non-wine glass." One method, however, reigns universally to be the most blasphemous way of consuming wine - with ice in it. 

Turns out, Lizzo and Adele (who recently revealed how to correctly pronounce her name) frequently have wine nights, with Lizzo sharing details of their girly evenings on UK's Heart radio

The Grammy-winner initially recalls going over for "tea" at Adele's, but later admitted that she was referring to alcoholic beverages shared with the iconic British music star.

Lizzo went on to to describe what a cozy wine night with her and Adele looks like, admitting that they drink it in a way that might grind the gears of high-class wine drinkers.

"She drinks, oh God, funny enough, I drink it too, but I wouldn't dare request this at her house. But we drink wine with ice," Lizzo said on the show. 

Adele and Lizzo wine

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Now, some may be reading this with a raised eyebrow, contemplating if putting an ice cube in a glass of wine is totally inappropriate. Ultimately, it's up to you and your preference. If you like your wine ice cold go for it. Plus, in a drink like sangria, which typically has a white or red wine base, ice is welcome - so we supposed there are exceptions.

However, wine lovers, connoisseurs, and sommeliers everywhere might inform you otherwise.  

According to Wine Insider, you can put ice in wine, but it doesn't necessarily mean you should. "As you know well, ice is frozen water, and over time, especially on a hot day, ice will melt in your glass," they said. "Once extra water is added to your wine, it will change the drinking experience of your glass."

They also mention that, if you simply insist on putting ice in your wine, it's better to use a ball of ice rather a handful of small cubes, as the ball of ice will last much longer in the glass, thus further maintaining the integrity of the wine. 

Adele and Lizzo wine

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So, if you're interested in avoiding this wine faux pas, take Wine Insider's advice - not Lizzo's (we love you, though, Lizzo. And we still want an invite.)

When asked about the interior of Adele's home, she reveals that it's very "English."

"Her house is real nice, real, like — I'm not going to speak too much on her house, but it was real English," she explained. "I was like, 'Oh, I feel like I'm in England.'"

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