Adam Peaty’s girlfriend reacts to his near kiss with Katya Jones

Adam Peaty’s girlfriend Eiri Munro reacts to his kiss on the Strictly dance floor with Katya Jones

Adam Peaty
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Adam Peaty appeared to go in for a kiss with his dance partner Katya Jones at the end of their dance routine on Saturday night's Strictly Come Dancing— and his girlfriend is very unimpressed.

On Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday October 16, 2021, fans were shocked to see one of the Strictly dance couples, Adam Peaty and  Katya Jones, nearly kiss at the end of their dance routine.

The dance partners were performing a steamy rendition of an Argentine Tango to the song, 'Tango In The Night' by Fleetwood Mac. At the end of their dance, the couple's faces were incredibly close together and fans are certain that Adam was moving in for a kiss before remembering that he was on national television. 

"Adam Peaty that linger looked very sus. Hmmmm! #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing" said one viewer on Twitter. "Did Adam just go to kiss Katya and then remember they’re on TV?! #Strictly #AdamPeaty" asked another Strictly fan.

Adam Peaty is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Eiri Munro, with whom he shares a child. Following her boyfriend's performance, Eiri took to social media to share her shock.

The TikTok showed Eiri pretending to cry with the caption, "Watching your boyfriend nearly kiss another woman on Live TV." The scene then cut and read, "Finding out 10 million people also watched it live."

In the comment section, fans were supportive of Eiri and suggested that she punished him for his behavior. "He better be sleeping in the pool tonight xox," said one fan referencing Adam's swimming career. Eiri liked this and commented, "Looool." Another supporter said, "I saw that and immediately thought of you." 

Adam Peaty

Adam Peaty and his partner Eiri Munro and their son George-Anderson

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♬ sonido original - DIABLO_FFツ

Adding fuel to the romance rumors, in a previous interview, Adam Peaty admitted he can see why the Strictly curse happens. This has only encouraged fans to believe that the sportsman is romantically linked to his dance partner.

Adam Peaty

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It will be announced on Sunday 17 October, who will leave Strictly Come Dancing 2021 and which contestants will be making it to the next round.

Recently, fans have complained about the Sunday show and Strictly Come Dancing viewers have demanded a major change to the show’s format.

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