Strictly’s Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice make a plea to the NHS after her hearing aid breaks

Rose Ayling-Ellis has revealed her hearing aid broke after a dance session

Rose Ayling-Ellis
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Strictly Come Dancing stars Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice made a plea to the NHS on social media after Rose’s hearing aid broke during rehearsals for their next performance.

Rose Ayling-Ellis is the first-ever hearing-impaired contestant to appear in the Strictly Come Dancing Line up. As the first deaf celebrity to participate in the show, special measurements were made for Rose, and Strictly Come Dancing stars were applauded for learning sign language as she began competing in the 19th season of the beloved show. 

Although things have been going fairly well for the talented dance duo, the pair revealed on social media that they had hit a bump in the road.

On his Instagram story, Giovanni made a passionate plea on behalf of his dance partner Rose as they revealed that she had broken her hearing aid.

Strictly Come Dancing

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In the video, Giovanni said, "Morning people, we have some news for you today. Tell them what happened."

He then passed over to Rose who spoke and used sign language to say, "This morning my hearing aid broke. But I think it’s because I sweat so much, it broke it. So I can't hear anything at all"

Giovanni then spoke to the camera while Rose read his lips as he said, "So NHS please be quick we need it!"

Rose then joked to the camera, "It's quite nice, I don't have to hear his voice!"

The pair laughed as Giovanni then faced Rose so she could lip-read, "Good luck to me! NHS be quick!" he said.

Rose then reposted this news onto her own profile and assured fans, "‘Nobody needs to panic, it a very normal life for deaf people."


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Fans loved the way that Giovanni and Rose interacted in this video and many took to compliment the professional dancer for being mindful of his dance partner's disability. 

"How cute is Giovanni though he is helping her by lip reading and is so patient," said one fan. Another agreed and said, "I love how understanding Giovanni is!"

The dancing duo clearly has a solid rapport and the pair are one of the viewer's favorite Strictly Come Dancing couples

Rumors are also circling that Rose is one of the Strictly judge's favorites to win, so even without a hearing aid, the couple seems to be in a favorable position for this weekend's show.

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 7pm on BBC One.

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