Strictly Come Dancing viewers demand a major change to the show’s format

Strictly Come Dancing viewers have called for a change to the Sunday show as many are disgruntled with the 'fake' format

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Strictly Come Dancing fans have expressed their disappointment with the show’s format and are calling for BBC to ditch the Sunday show entirely.

Strictly Come Dancing 2021 came back with a bang just a few weeks ago and we are already hooked. However, the start of the show has not been without its hiccups. Already, contestant Tom Fletcher has contracted COVID-19 and had to sit out of last week's show, there are already rumors about unrest as some of the professional dancers have been slammed for being anti-vaccination. On top of this drama, the show is now under fire from the viewers who are calling for the show's format to be condensed. 

Strictly Come Dancing has always taken place over two episodes, one on a Saturday night and the other on a Sunday night. Sunday night has always been the results show, in which one of the Strictly Come Dancing 2021 couples is eliminated from the series. However, some fans are calling for the show makers to scrap the Sunday episode and reveal the results on the Saturday night after the performances.

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Many are also suggesting that the results are in fact filmed on Saturday night and the BBC is just trying to deceive the audience into thinking that it's filmed on a Sunday.

One fan said on Twitter, "Don’t know why we are still going through the sham that is… pretending Saturday is Sunday on #Strictly we all know results are on Saturday night… but we have to go through the pretend it’s Sunday night farce!!"

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"I really wish they’d do the results on a Saturday and stop this farce ….. and it takes FOREVER in the early days of the competition …." said another.

"When will the BBC stop insulting our intelligence with the fake Sunday Show just make the Saturday show a bit longer stop lying to the public. Have a proper vote not 30mins," added a third.

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Other fans also pointed out that they are sick of spoilers about who has left the show. Often, Strictly Come Dancing fans have the results of the Sunday show spoiled for them by social media users. 

One fan commented, "They really just need to get rid of Sunday night and do a longer live show on a Saturday...half the time some muppet on here will just spoil it all for everyone. #STRICTLY"

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However, other fans took to social media to claim that they actually quite like having a second show, and many enjoy the ritual of sitting down on a Sunday evening to enjoy the dancing competition.

"Even though we know the result show of @bbcstrictly is recorded last night we still love to all believe it's live NOW.. Autumn TV is the best .. cosy Sunday Nights," said one viewer.

Strictly Come Dancing continues on October 9, 2021, and the results show will also continue to take place on Sunday nights. The show will run until December 18, the last weekend before Christmas. 

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