A health expert explains why TikTok's 'internal shower' hack may do more harm than good

TikTok's 'internal shower' hack has been debunked by a health expert who has explained why the health drink may actually be bad for you

TikTok's 'internal shower' hack
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TikTok's 'internal shower' hack is currently sweeping the internet, but some nutritionists and health experts claim that actually, this health drink may cause bloating and other digestive issues.

TikTok is a great app that allows users to learn great new tricks such as the Genius TikTok sizing hack for jeans that allows users to work out their size without trying the jeans on, or the viral TikTok facelift hack that requires no surgery for a younger look. However, not all hacks are equally useful.

A current viral beauty trend which is known as the 'internal shower' hack, teaches people how to make a chia seed-based drink that helps 'clean' your body from the inside. Mostly this drink is useful for those who are suffering from constipation, but many believe that it will also help clear toxins from the digestive tract.

Speaking to woman&home, a nutritionist has explained why this hack may not be all it cracked up to be.

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What is the 'internal shower' hack?

The internal shower hack is just a drink that can be made with simple ingredients and works as a laxative. The recipe is meant to ‘shower’ down the digestive tract, which is supposed to boost your metabolism and help your bowel movements when you feel constipated.

To make the drink, add the juice of one fresh lemon and two tablespoons of chia seeds to a full glass of water. After stirring the ingredients together, wait 15 minutes. During this time the chia seeds are supposed to expand and the solution will take on a gel-like consistency. This is supposed to increase the fiber intake and boost the gut health of those who drink it. You then drink the liquid and then just wait until you need to go to the bathroom.


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Why TikTok's 'internal shower' hack may be bad for you

Nutritionist and founder of The Farmassist, Irina Gamagina, tells woman&home that although this trend may successfully help with constipation, this hack may still be bad for your digestion.

"The new ‘Internal Shower’ trend on TikTok isn’t a miracle drink or something outlandishly different to what ingredients we already know work well for the digestive tract," begins Irina."There are some validity to the claims as chia seeds have been heralded as a 'superfood' for years, proved to aid digestion. Carbohydrates, like chia seeds, are broken down into sugars that attract water, creating a gel-like substance. This bulk helps stool pass smoothly through the body."

The nutritionist then warned, "However, eating too many chia seeds daily can do more harm for your digestive tract then good, causing even more bloating, stomach pain and discomfort."

Explaining why the hack may be a problem, Irina said, "As they swell up when in contact in water, they are also a choking hazard to all ages!  There are much more effective and safe ways to treat constipation." 

Rather than trying this hack, the nutritionist suggested that lemon water is a better way to help digestion. "Instead of doing this recipe, I recommend just sipping on lemon water before meals to aid digestion. The citric acid found in lemons boosts gastric acid which helps your body break down and digest food. If you find that you are still feeling a little constipated, fatigued, or are dealing with a slow metabolism, invest in supplements that will complement your lifestyle and help deal with your specific concerns," says Irina.

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