The new dog and cat craze that’s taken pet lovers by storm

Our pets are becoming more stylish than ever before

Pet Clothing
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Given the strong pet-loving culture that’s emerging around the world, the new anthropomorphism trends might not be a shock to some.

But for others the growth of the pet fashion industry will come as quite a surprise.

It seems that while the fashion industry continues to battle against falling sales and tries to maintain its position during the pandemic, other labels have changed direction.

According to eBay there’s also been a 45% increase in searches for pet clothing this year. And a recent report by ReportLinker has even suggested that in the US, the global market for pet accessories is projected to reach US$41.1 billion by 2025.

“Anthropomorphism trends in the UK pet market have never been more apparent than in 2020,” Mark Waddy, the director of MTW Research, has recently revealed. He went on to remark that, “Pets are fully established as a ‘primary family member’ among most pet-owning households.”

Why is pet fashion becoming a thing now?

The pandemic means that people are walking their dogs more, embracing the opportunity to take in some much-needed fresh air. With their pets visible more often, owners seem to have become more concerned than before with doggie and moggie fashion.

Owners and pets have often been brought closer together by the pandemic and all that additional time together. Brigitte Chartrand, Vice President of womenswear buying at Ssense has told Women’s Wear Daily that, “there’s a growing interest for customers to reflect their own individual style and match it with their dog’s through clothing.”

Pet Clothing

Who is selling animal outfits?

Versace, Thom Browne and even high street retailer Arket have all released pet clothing. Now more retailers are joining this unusual revolution.

Dsquared2 has now joined forces with Poldo Couture and brought out it’s dog couture range. Including everything from hoodies to caps, customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to dressing their canine companions.

And they’re not the only ones! Online fashion store Ssense has also collaborated with designers to bring out an exclusive pet apparel range. H&M is also offering its own range of pet apparel at the more affordable end of the market.

Are they necessary?

Some people find the category of dog clothing unacceptable in all cases. Whilst others believe that some forms of clothing provide benefits for dogs, such as keeping them warm in cold weather. Though they also believe that the clothing should not in anyway restrict the dog from behaving as it normally would.

In the past, charitable organisation RSPCA has also been reported as warning pet owners against over-dressing their pets. It's important to always remember to put the needs of your pets above aesthetics.

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