How the half a million pounds raised on behalf of Sarah Everard will be spent

Over £525,000 has been raised in memory of Sarah Everard

Sarah Everard
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Over half a million pounds has been raised in remembrance of Sarah Everard who died in March 2021.

Sarah Everard disappeared while walking home from Clapham to Brixton, London, on 3rd March 2020. Her disappearance ignited a movement that promoted safety for women on the streets and addressed violence against women. It was later discovered that Sarah had been kidnapped and killed. A Metropolitan Police officer has since been charged with her kidnap and murder.

The movement Reclaim These Streets began soon after Sarah’s disappearance and was spearheaded by those who wanted to make the streets safer for women. Anna Birley, one of the organizers of Reclaim These Streets told The Observer, “We are a group of people who got together because we felt sad and scared and angry, and asked if there is anything we can do to try and remember Sarah Everard and all women who experience harassment, and to call for change.”  

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The organization raised over £525,000 and turned to the charity Rosa for advice about how the money can be best used to support the cause. Rosa is a charity organization that has previously assisted with distributing money that has been raised for similar organizations, such as the #MeToo movement. 

Rosa writes on its website, ‘Rosa’s approach centers on transparency, participation and partnership. This means the grants awarded will be informed by the needs and experiences of women and girls, particularly those most at risk of harm.’

Reclaim These Streets organizer Jamie Klingler told The Observer that there was immense pressure on the group to distribute the funds evenly. They have since decided to distribute the wealth among various charities and specifically target women who are in minority groups that are regularly underfunded. 

“We wanted to focus on access to legal support, we want to be trans-inclusive and we are very aware that grassroots organizations for women of colour often get overlooked in funding decisions. So that was very much our brief of where the money should go,” said Klingler.

The organizers of Reclaim These Street have announced that they want to continue their work. Anna Birley said, “In some form, I’d like to carry on. There are lots of amazing organizations already in the women’s sector, smaller organizations that are run by and for women more marginalized than us. I wish they had the platform we have been able to get over the last week, so I would like to think how we can support them.”

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