Farmers' Almanac released its winter 2021 predictions, and it's not looking good

Sun-seekers look away, it's time to dig out those winter coats

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If you thought the summer heat would follow us into winter—think again. Farmers' Almanac finally revealed its winter weather 2021 predictions, and we're already bundling up.

Based on the accurate wet and muggy summer 2021 predictions, our hopes of a mild winter have been dashed. Farmers' Almanac has posted its findings for the upcoming season, and to be honest, it's far from great. Get ready to break out the warmest winter coat because it seems we're in for a chilly winter.

"Numb's the word" and "chilled to the bone" are just some of the adjectives the site has used to describe the upcoming winter season. For some parts of the US, we may even be digging our way out of the driveway based on the potential blizzards predicted.

Winter storms can be expected, but Farmer's Almanac also predicts "flip-flopping" weather patterns. 

"You may want to grab your gloves and fetch your fleece because it’s going to be a season of flip-flop conditions with notable polar coaster swings in temperatures," they said.

Snow is predicted across the board but will be particularly bad around the Great Lakes and Northeast areas during the second week of January with "potent winter storms" and "possible blizzards."

For the rest of the country, January will be met with blizzards and chilling weather, but thankfully, it's not supposed to last.

By mid-February, the haphazard nature of the weather pattern should start to ease across most of the county, aside from the Ohio Valley area where "strong winds, heavy rains and snow" will persist.

And the good news is there will be about "57% fewer days of measurable precipitation" in February.

Warm autumnal days will be behind us before you know it so be sure to take advantage of the heat before the frosty chill of winter settles in.

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