Drooling over Joe Biden’s grandkids’ style? Don’t worry, we all are…

Joe Biden’s inauguration debuted his fashionable clan of gorgeous grandkids

Joe Biden and Grandchildren
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There was not one fashion faux pas from the Biden clan yesterday as they all were suited up for the patriarch’s presidential inauguration celebration. 

President Joe Biden's youngest grandaughter, Natalie, the daughter of his late son Beau Biden, stunned in a delicate cream sparkly gown from designer Markarian. She paired the look with her hair gently pulled back and open-toed cream shoes.

Biden’s eldest grandchild Naomi stunned in a purple dress, matching mask, and matching shoes. Her sister Finnegan dressed in a peach dress with satin bow straps, sold by the same designer as her cousin Natalie's outfit, Markarian.

Naomi and Finnegan’s youngest sister Maisy wore a boldly patterned pink and white gown from Rodarte, which she paired with edgy white combat boots — giving the look a nod to the fashionable '90s.

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Biden Family

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And speaking of edgy, Ashley Biden pulled out a showstopper with her chic black tux as she claimed the “cool aunt” award with her outstanding style. 

Ashley is the first daughter of President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden. She's also a designer; Ashley founded her own fashion label, Livelihood.

 Ashley spoke about her brand in an interview with Elle, saying, “Livelihood is specifically about income inequality, and racial inequality and income inequality are directly related." Her father, the President, supports her work and said, "I'm very proud of her. She's been trying to change the world since she was three." 

The Biden clan also sported monochromatic moments during the actual inauguration of their grandfather. As a group, they looked like a colorful, stylish bunch as they watched their Pop-Pop (yes, that's really what they call him) become President of the United States.

Biden Family

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Joe Biden has a close relationship with his grandchildren."That's something that I feel like some people don't believe when we say that he literally calls, not just, like, one of us every few days," Maisy Biden said on the Today Show. "He calls me, then calls Naomi, then he calls Finn, then he calls Natalie, then he calls Ashley, and then he calls little Hunter."

Hunter is the youngest of the Biden clan at just eight months old. He is the son of Hunter Biden and his wife Melissa Cohen. 



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