Take a look at Bagshot Park, Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex’s sprawling country home in Surrey

A recent video call from Sophie has shown a look into her kitchen!
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  • It's a beautiful royal home...

    • Bagshot Park is located in the vast Surrey countryside.
    • It has been a royal residence for around 200 years, and it is now home to the Earl and Countess of Wessex – Prince Edward and his wife Sophie.
    • In the latest royal news, it is just a few miles from Prince Harry and Meghan’s UK home – Frogmore Cottage.

    Who lives at Bagshot Park?

    Bagshot Park, located in Bagshot, Surrey, has been country home of Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex since their 1999 wedding.

    The couple, along with their two children James Viscount Severn and Lady Louise, live in the Mansion house within the grounds of Bagshot Park, set within Windsor Great Park.

    The house itself is an undoubtedly impressive, Grade-II listed building, complete with 51 acres of ground for the family to enjoy, affording them complete privacy.

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    Sophie and Edward and their family aren’t far from the extended royals either, as the village of Bagshot is just 11 miles away from Windsor, and the Queen’s preferred home of Windsor Castle.

    A brief history of Bagshot Park

    Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex moved in to Bagshot Park after getting married in 1999, following an extensive renovation of the place.

    The main house at Bagshot Park was originally a series of small lodges, designed for King Charles I.

    King William IV lived there until 1816, when it was was then used by Prince William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester, nephew of King George III.

    However, the original house was completely demolished 1877, and rebuilt in 1879, with around 120 rooms. From 1880, it was the main residence of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, a son of Queen Victoria, until his death in 1942.

    The house was also used as a hospital in war time, for the for the Auxiliary Territorial Service originally. It was then used by the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department as a Church House and Chaplains’ Depot, until Sophie and Edward moved in.

    Credit: MIKE SIMMONDS/AFP via Getty Images

    Who owns Bagshot Park?

    The Surrey home belongs to the Crown Estate, meaning ownership will pass between monarchs as the years and decades pass.

    The Earl and Countess of Wessex don’t necessarily pay rent, but Prince Edward did extend the lease on his family home to 150 years, for £5 million.

    Bagshot Park interior: What is it like inside the home where the Earl and Countess of Wessex live?

    It’s rumoured that the house at Bagshot has 120 rooms.

    Of course, the Earl and Countess of Wessex, like most other royal couples, normally keep the interior of their home as private as possible. However, aerial photos of Bagshot Park suggest the family certainly aren’t short on space!

    Credit: David Goddard/Getty Images

    Recently, Sophie took part in a video call with the Thames Valley Air Ambulance due to the coronavirus lockdown, which gave a sneak peek in to her beautiful kitchen!

    Pictured behind Sophie are some stunning grey cabinets, one with some elegant white and deep purple china, and the other with some other ornamental pieces, such as a vase and a gold-plated dish.

    There is also a lovely white marble detailing on the wall, with a hint of a painting to the left of Sophie. We wish we could see more!

    Back in 2015, the Countess also conducted an interview and photoshoot with Harpers Bazaar at her home, revealing the first sneak peek inside the space she shares with the Queen’s youngest son.

    The photos taken for the publication show how the family have decorated, and it all seems very regal.

    In a photo taken of Sophie in the living room, you can see that one of their favourite colours is a light blue – with blue wallpaper, blue and gold curtains, and blue furnishings, such as a sofa and a chair in the colour.

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    There are also plenty of lavish touches, including a huge, ornate wooden desk, an enormous bouquet of flowers and a glittering chandelier.

    In another picture, it becomes clear that Sophie and Edward hugely favour wooden decor in their home, as the Countess poses alongside a huge, wooden wall with elaborate images carved into it.

    What are the Bagshot Park grounds like?

    As evidenced by aerial photographs of the abode, the home is surrounded by plenty of lush green space – 51 acres in fact, to be precise.

    The home’s enormous green space is interspersed with an array of trees, bushes and pathed walkways – as well as an enormous driveway at the front of the house.

    Credit: David Goddard/Getty Images

    Where is Bagshot Park?

    As the Wessex family home, in Surrey, close to Guildford and Surrey, is so near to Windsor Castle, it’s reported that the Queen loves to pop over unannounced for tea.

    Reportedly, the monarch and her daughter-in-law are particularly close, with a shared love of military history and horses, and so have plenty to chat about whenever they’re together.

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    The Countess of Wessex has also explained that their children, James and Louise, spend a lot of time with their grandmother due to the proximity of their homes.

    In an interview with Sky News, Sophie revealed, “We’re a lot more fortunate, because we live so closer to the Queen, so when she spends a lot of time at Windsor at weekends, our children are more fortunate, because they can go over and have tea with her on a regular basis.”

    Of course, Sophie and Edward now have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as distant neighbours, after they moved in to Frogmore Cottage, also within the Windsor Great Park.

    What better neighbours to have!

    Is Bagshot Park open to the public?

    No – it is a private family home (despite also being a royal residence), so visitors can’t see the property in person.

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