This cheap wooden furniture hack could upgrade your entire living space

This cheap wooden furniture hack requires just two materials –and a lot of patience

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A new furniture hack has taken the Internet by storm, and it doesn't even require a toolbox. 

From painting with dark colors to experimenting with air purifiers, it seems the pandemic has awoken the DIY spirit in us all. With such limited options for keeping busy, many people have embarked on home renovation projects over the past year  – and it looks like they've discovered some pretty thrifty hacks in the process. 

One popular trend that's emerged in lockdown is the addition of wooden dowels to furniture – a simple yet genius idea. 

The cheap trick, which involves gluing wooden dowels onto plain surfaces, is a surefire way to enhance the aesthetic of your home. The stacked pins create a chiseled texture, infusing your formerly drab pieces with a unique flair. 

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This groovy hack can be applied to all sorts of furnishings, including cupboards, tables, and wall art. With wooden dowels easy to find at dollar and crafts stores, DIY enthusiasts can get in on the trend without breaking the bank. 

The second material you'll need is a strong glue that can survive all the bashing that well-loved furniture endures. Interior designer Sandy Saintilus urges people to use Gorilla Glue or E6000 Glue to ensure their project stays intact once it's finished. 

However, if you're working on a decorative piece, there's no need to invest in such heavy-duty adhesives. "If you're gluing dowels to a vase that sits on a shelf and rarely gets used, then you can get away with just using hot glue," she adds. 

Amateur woodworkers are also advised to carve out a full afternoon to complete the project. "Gluing individual dowels to a piece of furniture can be tedious and will definitely test your patience," Saintilus warns. "New DIYers could be easily turned off by how long this DIY takes." 

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