Fantasist, shy or controlling: Sex coach reveals what your favorite position says about you...

What your sex positions say about you, sex positions
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You can tell a lot about a person from the way they dress or behave. But did you know that your favorite sex position - even the one that's given you the best sex on the sofa - can reveal a LOT more about yourself than you think?

After you've noted down the top sex trends of 2021,  if you've ever wondered why sex is great with some people and not with others, it could be down to you giving off the wrong vibes when it comes to your choice of best sex position.

Online bed and mattress retailer Bed SOS has revealed the most common sex positions - with more than two in five choosing the classic missionary position as their favored technique. 

But before you check out if your favorite sex position is among the Top Five, Juliette Karaman, sex and intimacy coach and founder of Feel Fully You will tell you what your popular preferred techniques between the sheets. 

According to Juliette, the positions you choose in the bedroom have to do with more than just sexual pleasure - your go-to technique can also say a lot about your personality too...

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1. Missionary position with partner on top (27%)

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This position is often preferred by people who are shy and lacking in self-assurance. More popular with women than with men, having sex like this allows the partner to take the lead, whilst also feeling connected because of the eye contact and being able to kiss.

2. Doggy style (20%)

Doggy style sex position

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Doggy style is much less connecting for partners as there is no eye contact. The nature of this technique offers deeper penetration and pleasure for men, though might not be as comfortable for the receiving partner, especially if the man is well endowed. Most popular with men, doggy style allows them to fantasise as it doesn’t require looking into their partner’s face.

3. Missionary position with partner on bottom (15%)

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Allowing couples to kiss and look into each other’s eyes during the manoeuvre, missionary is a very intimate position in the bedroom. Preferring to have your partner on the bottom suggests that you are confident and not afraid to take control.

4. Cowgirl (8%)

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The cowgirl position is very visual for men as they can look up and see their partner’s whole body. The technique can be very pleasurable for women as it allows them to control the stimulation of the clitoris with their movement. Opting regularly for cowgirl in the  bedroom suggests that you are at ease with your body and are comfortable with your partner.

5. Spooning (4%)

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Having sex in the spooning position can be very comforting for the little spoon as they are being held by their partner. It is more of a surrendered position for the little spoon, though it allows an element of control as the depth of penetration can be varied with the positioning of legs.