The 7 best manifestation methods for beginners, according to experts

Experts reveal the best manifestation methods for beginners, including the 333 and 369 methods

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Exploring the best manifestation methods for beginners is the greatest introduction to the wellness trend that's all over social media right now. 

With influencers and celebrities alike harnessing the power of manifesting, it's no surprise the practice is more popular than ever. Manifesting isn't a new concept, but thanks to the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis who recently revealed she manifested her husband Christopher Guest, and Roxie Nafousi whose book Manifest became an instant international bestseller, the practice has gone mainstream.

Still wondering 'what is manifestation?' In short, manifestation is a self-development practice that encourages you to get clear on your desires so you can make them your reality. It's all about being in the right mindset, getting clarity on your goals, setting intentions and taking real action towards your dreams. You also have to heal from your past so you can overcome feelings of self-doubt, and practice gratitude for all that you have already. 

While there is no one-size-fits-all, there are expert-recommended methods for beginners who are starting out on their manifesting journey. From the 333 method to the 369 technique, our experts share their top manifesting methods for beginners, plus what you should avoid when manifesting. 

Best manifestation methods for beginners 

It's important to note that there are multiple steps to the manifesting process, and it's less about using one technique and more about experimenting with lots of different techniques to shift you into the manifesting mindset. 

"For manifesting to be truly effective it requires four key stages; vision, positive mindset, setting an intention and, most important of all, action," Gill Thackray, author of How To Manifest tells us. "When all of these components are in place, you’ll notice a profound energetic shift."

If you're new to manifesting, looking to learn about manifestation before sleep and other methods, but you don't know where to start, our experts are here to help. Below they share seven manifesting techniques to kickstart your journey.

1. Practicing gratitude

When it comes to manifesting for beginners, practicing gratitude is an excellent first step, according to manifesting and self-development coach Moon Onyx Starr. "First, focus on raising your vibration through self-care and gratitude," Starr explains. "When you are grateful for all of the beautiful blessings in your life, you will attract more. What you appreciate, appreciates in value."

Practice gratitude daily by either writing down or saying aloud three things you're grateful for every night. This could be a reflection from your day or life in general - and, it could be as small as your morning cup of coffee. The more you practice gratitude, the more you'll start to feel grateful for the little aspects of your life you may have previously overlooked.

2. Visualization manifestations

It's one of the most popular manifesting methods, especially for those looking to practice love manifestation, and for a good reason. Visualization has been shown to be just as powerful as the physical experience, but it's about more than thinking about what you want. "Picture yourself being, doing, and achieving what you truly desire," advises Starr. "Feel into the experience and allow yourself to fill with emotion, elation, and celebration." 

However, she warns that when it comes to manifesting for beginners it's easy to let it overwhelm you. "Do not let your desire to achieve your manifestations consume you. After you complete this process, let go and carry on with your life. They will happen when the time is right," she explains. 

How to do a visualization meditation, according to Starr:

  • Get clear on your desires: Write down the goals that you want to visualize. 
  • Visualize that it's already happened: Picture yourself already doing or achieving your focus.  
  • Feel into the practice: Allow yourself to fill with the emotions you would experience if your dreams came true. 
  • It might be difficult at first: You might find it difficult to visualize at first. If this happens, create a vision board instead. 

3. The 333 method

The 333 method involves writing down your intention 33 times a day for three days. "If a speedy result appeals to you, the 333 method can deliver quick wins," explains Francesca Amber, manifesting expert and host of the podcast Law of Attraction Changed My Life.  

To successfully manifest with the 333 method, you must be realistic about what can be achieved in just three days. "Consider what your short-term goals are or break down your long-term goals into steps," says Amber. 

Starr notes that this method misses out on many of the important steps in the manifesting process. "Just writing something down is not enough," Starr says, "If you do not believe what you are writing, it will not happen. You are bypassing the healing work required to overcome your limiting beliefs and self-doubt. As well as the practice of gratitude and visualization." 

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4. The 369 method

Similar to the 333 method, the 369 manifesting method involves writing down your goals or intentions. In this case, you write your goals three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon and nine times in the evening. 

"The best manifestation practice for beginners varies from person to person, but refocusing on your goals and repeating your practice every day will reap rewards," explains Amber. "The 369 is great for bringing clarity to your goals and centering yourself throughout the day to achieve them," adds Thackray. However, just like the 333 method, writing is not enough and you must take action to work towards your goals. 

This method may also be more tiresome and time-consuming that other manifesting methods, so Amber advises trying different techniques if it feels like a chore or you feel stressed if you cannot complete it. "How your practice makes you feel is hugely important," she adds. 

5. Manifesting with the phases of the moon

Full moon rituals are incredibly powerful. Starr, who runs her own wellbeing membership plans, believes manifesting with the phases of the moon is one of the most transformative practices of all.  

"The new moon, which marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, is the ideal time to set intentions and start something new," Starr explains. "It's time to set goals and plan the inspired action that you can take over the coming weeks."

"On the full moon, we should reflect, practice forgiveness and then release whatever is holding us back from achieving our manifestations. We can then refill ourselves with gratitude," she adds. 

Manifesting with the phases of the moon is a great way to hold yourself accountable throughout the month, too. 

6. Exploring positive affirmations

"Cultivating a positive and optimistic mindset is key to the manifesting process and this can be done through daily affirmations," says meditation coach Aysha Bell.

Write down your affirmations or say them out loud every day, and always make sure your affirmations are in the present tense. Speak about what you desire most as if you already have it to let the universe know you're ready to receive it.  

"A favorite of mine is 'I deeply and completely love and accept myself exactly as I am'," Amber tells us. She recommends incorporating this into your evening while putting on your skincare products so it easily fits into your routine and you're more likely to form a manifesting mindset through this habit. 

For inspiration, see our list of confidence affirmations and how to use them.

7. Journaling your desires

"Journaling is a great way to start the process of manifestation," Bell tells us. By actively putting the message out there on paper, you're telling the universe you're ready to receive it, while also encouraging your brain to focus on the end goal. 

Starr adds that journaling is also a step towards working through any feelings of self-doubt or limiting beliefs that are stopping you from working towards your dreams. "You must reflect and do the work to heal so you can overcome these beliefs and achieve what you want deep down," Starr says. 

Put a notebook beside your bed and write in it every night, even if it's just a few lines, or download one of the best journaling apps

What manifestation method works best? 

There isn't a one-size-fits all manifesting method that works for everyone - it's about finding the technique that's best for you. "Ask yourself what feels right and what is in alignment with who you are," Starr advises.

Although, Thackray tells us from her experience working with clients, there are a few methods that stand out, one of which involves setting an intention and working towards it. "For soul level, life-changing manifesting, the methods that people tell me are the most effective are setting a positively framed intention," she explains.

Just like with your affirmations, set your intentions in the present tense as if you already have what you desire in your life. Amber provides us with the example of: "I am in the process of attracting all that I need to do, know, and have to attract [insert your own personal goal here]."

Journal about this intention, practice gratitude for the journey and create affirmations around this goal that you can repeat throughout the day as you actively take steps to fulfill this desire. 

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What music should I be listening to when manifesting?

Just like manifesting, sound healing is having a moment online right now. The idea is that different sounds from a range of instruments, from tuning forks to crystal singing bowls, can boost our physical and mental well-being. So, it's no surprise that sound could also enhance your manifesting practice. 

"Playing music while you manifest isn't essential, but if it feels good for you, do it," says Starr. "It can help to raise the vibration of the room and get you in the manifesting mood." Try listening to chilled music or any tunes that make you feel good. Music or sounds with Solfeggio frequencies are thought to balance energy and bring the mind and body into harmony, too.

You could also tune into the power subliminal audio during your manifesting practice, particularly if you're manifesting before sleep. "The time between falling asleep and dreaming is powerful, so I harness this by listening to subliminal audio," Amber tells us. "I love how effortlessly this practice fits into my bedtime routine."

Subliminal audio is on the rise in the wellness space. They feature sound waves that are only heard by the unconscious mind and cannot be processed by the conscious mind. These audio tracks often feature soothing music and positive affirmations to support your manifesting practice. Amber describes it as one of her "biohacking habits". She's created hundreds of her own subliminal audio tracks featuring affirmations for different goals and deep relaxation music. You can play her eight-hour subliminal audios throughout the night, and let the empowering affirmations sink into your subconscious mind. 

You will also find subliminal audio tracks on YouTube: 

Subliminal audio track to encourage a positive mind shift as you sleep 

Subliminal audio track to manifest a loving relationship

Subliminal audio track to help cultivate gratitude

What should you not do when manifesting?

  • Hold doubt: Letting go of limiting beliefs is crucial to the manifesting process. "They will block your manifestations," explains Starr. "You must do the work to heal and overcome these beliefs." Amber suggests using affirmations if you're dealing with self-doubt. "If someone else is doubting you, take your anger and let it fuel your pursuit," she adds. 
  • Fail to take action: This is a really common mistake, Thackray tells us. "People create beautiful visualizations but don't take any action." Remember, working towards your goals is as important as visualizing them. 
  • Be too vague: "Clarity is power and manifestations rely on you being as specific as possible," adds Amber. Get clear on what you want, and go after it. 
  • Give up: "Instead of letting yourself get down or giving up if something hasn't gone your way, be grateful for the journey as it's guiding you to the person you want to be," explains Amber. 
  • Remain close minded: Surrendering to the power of the universe is key to the manifesting process. "Some people forget to remain open or get too rigid with their intentions," Thackray explains. "When we surrender to the universe, we are open to something way beyond what we're capable of dreaming into reality right now." 
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