Why Aren’t The Scales Shifting?

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  • Eating right and exercising often but can't seem to shift the pounds? Read on to find out how to get the scales moving again.

    Are you eating right and exercising regularly but just can’t seem to get those scales moving? Dieting can be a hugely maddening task, with many of us finding the first few weeks a breeze before the weight loss stops and then the struggle begins. And as anyone who has hit the dreaded weight loss plateau knows – it’s incredibly frustrating!

    So what are the best ways to lose weight for good? Whatever diet you’re following, even if it’s just simply cutting back of junk food, our bodies tend to adjust and react to the changes we make. But then once the initial shock of changing your diet has died down, the body relaxes. And that’s when many people see that their weight loss tends to stop.

    But fear not, there are methods we can use and daily routines that can be changed to help kick start the weight loss once again and get those scales moving towards your goal!

    We’ve rounded up ten of the best way to lose weight when the scales stop shifting. What’s our first weight loss tip? Eliminate the stress!

    Believe it or not, stress can stop us from losing weight thanks to the stress hormone, cortisol. Constant worry and anxiety can keep cortisol levels high in our system, increasing blood pressure and encouraging the body to eat sugary, high calorie foods for energy. This is perfect if you’re caught in a sticky spot which requires lots of energy, but it’s not so perfect when you’re sat at a desk all day stressing over spreadsheets. Try relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation to keep the body calm, or alternatively try some natural stress-busting remedies.

    Read on to find nine more best ways to lose weight when the scales stop moving…

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