This Danish Nutrionist Is Making Waves With Her Anti-Ageing Plan

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  • She's the Scandinavian anti-ageing queen who has a cult following in Denmark and now her 10 Years in 10 Weeks plan is coming to the UK. Could it work for you?

    22 May 2014

    Scandinavian anti-ageing queen, Thorbjorg isn’t your average 54-year-old. She could be mistaken for a woman in her forties, and often is. She says that she has learned how to ‘slow down the ageing process’ and now she wants to help other women to live agelessly as well. 

    Danish nutritionist and lifestyle guru Thorbjorg’s positive perspective on ageing is refreshing – and contagious. In the intro to her new book, 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks (£5.99, Pine Tribe) she explains how we need to open our minds to getting older rather than fighting the inevitable. ‘You no longer have to think about 40+ as the age of repair’, she says. ‘This is the beginning of your sexy years’. We couldn’t agree more!

    The book has already achieved cult status in Scandinavia thanks to Thorbjorg’s tried and tested all-natural approach, which she was willing to put to the test on Danish TV for one-off documentary, Botox vs Broccoli. After just eight weeks following her plan, the broccoli team’s health, vitality and wellbeing far outweighed those who had used a quick-fix injectable, while their skin was judged to be equally as youthful. So, how does she do it? A combination of healthy diet, exercise and even sex! Keep reading to find out more about her amazing anti-ageing plan. 

    The nurse-turned-nutritionist is honest about her back story, too. Understanding that ‘vitality comes from the inside’ didn’t happen overnight, Thorbjorg is a self-confessed former sugar addict who used to suffer from mood swings and energy dips. Since discovering that the secret to living agelessly is to take responsibility for your health and beauty, she says she’s managed to stop the clock. Doesn’t she look fabulous?


Learn how to roll back the years in just 10 weeks with a little help from Thorbjorg. Click through to find out what her anti-ageing plan entails…

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