Paleo: Monday To Friday

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  • The easy to follow regime is so good you can take the weekend off!

    Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Tom Jones and countless more A-listers all swear by it, but what is the Paleo diet?

    Put simply, it’s a diet based on the natural foods our ancestors lived on during the Paleolithic Age some 2.5 million years ago. Unlike contemporary diet fads, there are no complex rules to follow. Simply stick to meat, fish, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables, banishing synthetic and heavily processed foods that disrupt the digestive tract.

    Food expert and author Daniel Green explains the Paleo benefits: “In the two years since I published my last book, The Paleo Diet, Paleo has gone mainstream. To me, it’s popularity is hardly surprising as the simple principle of cutting out all the synthetic, heavily processed foods that are the cause of all our 21st-century bad health and replacing them with the fresh meat, fish, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables that our Paleolithic ancestors thrived on gives us a food plan that is perfectly suited to our bodies. There is no weighing food, or counting calories. You eat until you are full. There is no starvation or hunger, just satisfying food that tastes great, and as a result, we?re healthier and therefore happier.”

    As an overweight teenager, Daniel faced a future of diabetes, cardiovascular problems and limited mobility. Thankfully, by following the Paleo diet principles, he lost 29kg (4.5 stone) and regained his health. That was 20 years ago and he hasn’t looked back.

    The diet is based completely on natural, unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and good fats. That means that unhealthy additives, trans fats and hidden sugars and salts are instantly banished. The result? A diet that’s easy to follow and that will boost your health – not to mention, help you shed those unwanted pounds. And the best part is that there’s even a little leeway for the occasional treat!

    Keep reading to discover the principles behind the Paleo diet including the amazing health benefits plus a tasty breakfast recipe that will keep you satisfied until lunch.

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