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You don’t have to stop when muscular pain starts. In fact, health experts say you should keep moving to maintain healthy muscles, bones and joints – and to help ease pain.

So, whether you’ve over-done the exercise, done too much gardening or are simply feeling the effects of a hectic life, ease the pain and get back on track with Deep Relief Anti-Inflammatory Gel.

How is Deep Relief different?

Deep Relief is a targeted, topical pain-relieving anti-inflammatory gel, recommended for the effective relief of back, rheumatic and muscular aches, pain and swellings – such as strains, sprains and sport injuries.

It is classed as a NSAID (non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) but Deep Relief is different to other NSAID gels, which only contain one painkilling ingredient. That’s because Deep Relief contains two – levomenthol and ibuprofen – which work together to target your pain.

How does it work?

First, Levomenthol acts on the pain receptors in your skin, giving cooling and soothing pain relief.

This allows time for the ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and pain by penetrating your skin and blocking the production of prostaglandins, via inhibition of the cyclooxygenase (COX) pathway.

Levomenthol also acts as a penetration enhancer, allowing more ibuprofen to absorb through your skin.

How is the pain relief targeted?

Deep Relief is anti-inflammatory and cooling, while the penetrating pain-relief is specifically targeted at the source of your pain – you rub it on directly to where it hurts. Best of all, it starts to work in 10 minutes!

So the next time your pain flares up, reach for Deep Relief. It can help you get back to being on the go again.

Where can I get Deep Relief?


For back, rheumatic and muscular pain. Available from supermarkets and pharmacies, 50g RRP £5.99, 100g RRP £11.

Find out where you can buy it here


Effective relief of pain from non-serious arthritis. Available from pharmacies, 100g RRP £11

Find out where you can buy it here

* Always read the label

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